After 90s, please remember: your hairline can be saved by PATIC.

 After 90s, please remember: your hairline can be saved by PATIC.

Over the past five years, Pakistan has exported more than 100 thousand kilograms of hair to China - about 1000 pigs.

Pakistan has exported over 100,000 kilograms of hair to China in the past five years for a total price of $132,000, according to the Dawn newspaper of Pakistan. It is also pointed out that this is mainly due to the continuous growth of hair demand in Chinas beauty industry.

See here, the homepage gentleman not only hides his face and weeps: it seems that the fact of hair loss after 90 can not hide, even industry data to verify.

Last Friday, in a written reply, the Ministry of Commerce and Textiles told the National Assembly that Pakistan had exported 105,461 kilograms of hair to China in the past five years, with a total value of $132,000.

What is the concept of 100,000 kilograms? An adult pig is usually around 100 kilograms, so that it is about 1000 pigs.

According to the data, 83 901 kg were exported in 2013-2014, 13 150 kg in 14-15, 1410 kg in 15-16 and 7 000 kg in 17-18.

The article also analyses some reasons why there are so many exports:

A. M. Chauhan, a well-known local beautician, said that the demand for genuine hair was increasing due to the growth of Chinas cosmetics industry. Another reason is that the trend of wearing wigs in China is declining.

He said the decline in hair accessories production at home was also one of the reasons.

In the past, local people used to receive hair by hand, grow beards, grow beards and wear wigs. Now these craftsmen have no local market, but the demand of Chinese beauty and hairdressing market has risen.

He went on to add that exporters would put a box in front of the barbers shop to recycle real hair at a price of 5,000-6,000 rupees per kilogram (about 300-360 yuan).

Whether the demand in Pakistan is really declining, the homepage monarch can not verify. But Chinas demand for wigs is growing at a visible rate.

A data report published in 2017 has already pointed out that the age of the main force of hair loss has declined dramatically.

(Vias White Paper on Saving Hair Loss)

In that year, the hot commodities of Shuangxi also changed a little quietly.

Since then, bald young people have found that the post-90s generation has become the main force of hair loss in a hurry.

Seeing this, one might argue that wigs are popular because of the need for movies, TV shows or stage performances. Cough and cough.

Its time to recognize the reality:

(Source: China Reporting Network)

Cover up hair loss. Has the heart been knocked down by these four words? Of course, a sharp-eyed friend must have noticed that especially in Japan followed immediately. No problem, Dawn finally pointed out that the importing countries of genuine hair are also the United States and Japan:

High quality hair is also exported to the United States and Japan, where the entertainment industry also has a high demand for hair. At the same time, Pakistan will also import receivers and wigs.

However, it is pointed out that it is mainly used in the entertainment industry. Of course, the Japanese hair loss situation is not so good to go anywhere, here we will no longer laugh a hundred steps.

Finally, the post-90s generation, we should bear in mind: your hairline can be saved by Baltic!

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