Customs: Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever Prevention in Nigeria

 Customs: Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever Prevention in Nigeria

On January 23, the website of the General Administration of Customs issued a bulletin on preventing yellow fever from spreading into China.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), from 22 September to 31 December 2018, 146 suspected cases of yellow fever were reported in Nigeria, including 32 confirmed cases and 26 deaths. Yellow fever is an acute infectious disease caused by yellow fever virus and transmitted by mosquito bites. It is one of the legal quarantine infectious diseases in our country. The mortality rate is as high as 50%. The incubation period is generally 3 to 6 days, and the longest is 14 days. The clinical manifestations are acute onset, chills, fever (up to 39 to 41 degrees C), headache, myalgia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, systemic discomfort, etc. Severe patients may suffer from it. Jaundice and multiple organ dysfunction such as liver, kidney and blood system occurred.

In order to prevent yellow fever from spreading into our country and protect the health and safety of our personnel going to Nigeria, the following announcements are made in accordance with the provisions of the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the Peoples Republic of China and its implementing rules and regulations:

1. Persons from Nigeria who have reached the age of 9 months or more shall present valid yellow fever vaccination certificates when entering the country. Personnel without a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate must be counted from the time they leave the country and observed at their place of residence for 6 days.

2. Persons from Nigeria who have symptoms of fever, chills, headache, myalgia, etc., should make health quarantine declarations when entering the country and cooperate with the Customs in health quarantine work such as temperature monitoring and medical investigation. Persons who suffer from these symptoms during or within two weeks after travel should seek medical treatment immediately and explain their recent travel history to the doctor. Customs health and quarantine personnel shall take medical measures in accordance with the prescribed procedures for entry personnel who have found the above symptoms.

3. Transportation vehicles, containers, cargo, luggage goods, mail and express mail from Nigeria must be subject to health quarantine. Aircraft and ships should undergo effective pesticide treatment. Their principals, carriers, agents or cargo owners should take the initiative to cooperate with the health quarantine work. Aircraft, ships, containers from Nigeria that have no effective certificate of mosquito control and the discovery of vector Kunming should be subject to health quarantine. The cargo of insects should be treated with pesticide. For ships infected with yellow fever, the distance between ships and land and other ships should not be less than 400 meters before the pesticide treatment is completed.

4. Port operators shall take effective measures to eliminate mosquito breeding areas, monitor and control mosquito density at ports and accept port health supervision implemented by the customs.

5. Personnel traveling to Nigeria may consult with the Customs and its International Travel Health Care Center before leaving the country or consult the relevant information through the information service column of the General Administration of Customs website (; when traveling to yellow fever endemic areas, they need to be vaccinated against yellow fever 10 days in advance at the International Travel Health Care Center; when traveling, they should enhance their awareness of disease prevention, avoid mosquito bite and discover that If there are relevant symptoms, they should seek medical treatment immediately.

The contents of this announcement shall take effect from the date of publication and shall be valid for three months. During this period, countries and regions that have announced new cases of yellow fever to the World Health Organization will be implemented in accordance with this bulletin.

I hereby announce.

Customs head office

January 22, 2019

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper