Define the launch of Zero, the flagships first truly porous all-wireless mobile phone

 Define the launch of Zero, the flagships first truly porous all-wireless mobile phone

Meizu Zero is a real non-porous mobile phone. It has ONEPIECE Unibody ceramic fuselage. It supports IP68 waterproofing with full-body non-porous design. Super-large capacity batteries are equipped with self-developed 18W wireless super-fast charging, which relieves the shackles of mobile phones endurance time. High-speed wireless transmission also liberates the shackles of traditional mobile phones data transmission. At the same time, it also has mSound 2.0 screen sound technology and virtual side pressure button.

Meizu Zero has two kinds of fuselage color matching: bright porcelain black and Ruyao white. It uses a 5.99 inch AMOLED super-clear full screen. For the first time, it realizes screen fingerprint on OLED flexible screen, and equipped with 20 million pixel face recognition lens. With the support of 2.5D glass panel and ceramic fuselage, Meizu Zero can create excellent visual enjoyment and handshake.

Functionally, Meizu believes that the perfect integrated design can not compromise with the design under the pretext of function, so the virtual side press button replaces the physical button. Meizu Zero uses advanced pressure detection technology and capacitance positioning technology to realize power supply and volume buttons on both sides of the fuselage; it is worth mentioning that the new machine also has built-in mEngine 2.0 linear motor.

In addition, the new machine also supports IP68 class waterproof and dust-proof, can effectively withstand 30 minutes of underwater immersion. At the same time, eSIM technology is introduced. Air card issuance frees the mobile phone from the restriction of physical card slot and is not bound by card pins. Operators can switch their networks freely and support more formats and frequency bands. Flyme7 adaptive UI is added to make it easy for the phone to answer the phone whether it is upside down or upside down.

Being bound by data lines is not the future of Mobile Smart terminals. Meizhu Zero adopts the 18W wireless super fast charging technology independently developed by Meizhu Science and Technology, precise internal chips, high-efficiency voltage reduction to bring more handy temperature control, with exclusive charging base, users will charge the new machine, will not be troubled by wires.

The new machine supports full-speed USB 3.0 wireless connection and can complete a copy of a high-definition movie in a short time. Bluetooth 5.0 technology can be seamlessly switched on multi-component devices.

It is reported that Meizu Zeros sale time in China is related to the progress of air cards business of domestic operators, but as a truly usable all-wireless future mobile phone, Meizu may use other ways to enable consumers to access the mobile phone, please wait patiently.

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Mobile Phone: Han Yibing_NT3945