Multi-flash downloads exceeded 1 million, and micro-envelopes suppressed tremor logon entry

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 Multi-flash downloads exceeded 1 million, and micro-envelopes suppressed tremor logon entry

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On the afternoon of January 23, according to Xu Luran, product manager of Duoshuang, Duoshuang officially launched on the evening of January 21, with downloads exceeding 1 million in 24 hours.

On January 15, Tremolo officially launched the app multi-flash for social video. On January 21, the app was officially launched on the Apple App Store and the mainstream Android app market.

According to the reporters understanding, just on-line multi-flash, currently only support tremolo account landing. It is noteworthy that during the multi-flash on the shelf, the trembler announced through the official micro-signal announcement in the early morning of 23, and received a large number of feedback from users on the evening of 22 that new users could not login and use the tremble in the normal way authorized by Wechat.

In terms of jitter, it was confirmed after investigation that jitter itself did not encounter technical problems, which should be the result of problems in the login service provided by the open platform of Wechat. As there is no prior notification from Wechat, it is not clear whether this is a technical failure of the Wechat login service or the result of other human factors.

After the incident, the trembler actively communicated with Wechat through various channels. A relevant docker of Wechat Open Platform responded, Not in the Wechat PR team, not clear.

In terms of tremolo, it is uncertain whether the problem can be solved smoothly due to the lack of smooth communication channels with Wechat, and whether the previous use of Wechat authorization to log on to the account of tremolo will also be blocked by Wechat.

Source: Responsible Editor of 21st Century Economic Report: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279