Womens 10-year loan of 8.6 million friends to help them with their business turned out to be disastrous.

 Womens 10-year loan of 8.6 million friends to help them with their business turned out to be disastrous.

Today, police in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, reported a fraud case involving nearly 10 million yuan over a period of 10 years. A man borrowed money from his friends many times and squandered it on the grounds that he needed money to do business. And his friend owed a bunch of debts in order to help him turn the business around...

In 2006, Ms. Wu met a man acting as a surrogate through QQs newly launched local dating function. Because of the speculative chat, Ms. Wu quickly became online friends with Dai Mou. In the process of contacting Dai Mou, the two sides have gradually changed from online to offline friends in real life. Hu Mou and her husband often meet with Dai Mou family.

In the impression of Ms. Wus family, Dai Mou is a small boss, who has been busy doing all kinds of business these years, and the family conditions are fairly rich.

As the time of acquaintance between the two sides increased and mutual understanding deepened, Dai Mou began to borrow money from his family on the grounds of business needs funds and repayment of loans from 2009.

At first, Ms. Wu felt that if she was smart enough to borrow money on behalf of someone, she would not have any problem. She wanted to be generous with her friends. But she always borrows more or less on behalf of someone, and she is no longer willing to borrow money until many reminders fail. However, Dai always asks Ms. Wu to help her old friends for the last time.

In order to gain the trust of Ms. Wu and her family, from December 2017 to February 2018, Dai Mou took out several pieces of money owed by others, as well as the promises of compensation for house demolition, in order to prove that he has enough repayment ability through these documents.

Daimou also hinted that not only did he go bankrupt when his business failed, but Ms. Wus previous borrowings must have been drifting away, forcing her family to help him through the difficulties. After listening to Dai Mous words, Ms. Wu and her family started to raise money and borrow money to do business on behalf of Dai Mou.

Seeing that things could not be recovered, the Hu family finally walked into the police station and told the police what ordinary people thought was an unbelievable story. According to statistics, Dai Mou has accumulated 8.6 million yuan from Ms. Wu in these years. Ms. Wus family also owed a bunch of debt for this.

After receiving the report, the police of Yuecheng Branch of Shaoxing Public Security Bureau immediately made a careful investigation of the case.

This investigation, let the heart of the Hu family to the extreme, first of all, on behalf of a certain provision of Ms. Wu owed money and housing demolition compensation promises are all false.

He just found the template on the Internet and found someone to sign at will. He made his own owe slip and demolition documents. He also succeeded in cheating Ms. Wu. At the same time, the police found that the suspect told Ms. Wu that he had borrowed money to do business for nothing. Most of the money was wasted by him on gambling and taking care of his mistress. According to Dai Mous memory, he once spent more than 600,000 yuan on lottery tickets in a month.

The suspect is to grasp the victims fear of the previous loan or not to come back, hoping to one day be able to recover the cost of this mentality, again and again using lies, excuses to constantly cheat money. According to the police, Dai Mou not only cheats outsiders, but also his family. Relatives at home had been cheated by him on the pretext of doing business.

At present, the case has been transferred to the court for trial, and the case will be heard in the near future.

Police reminds: Make friends cautiously! Be cautious about borrowing! Once we find that our legitimate rights and interests have been infringed, the law is the most effective weapon to protect ourselves.

Source: He Yufang-NN5632, responsible editor of Youth Times