Married women and netizens had a tryst in Hangzhou and lied about being abducted by pyramid selling organizations.

 Married women and netizens had a tryst in Hangzhou and lied about being abducted by pyramid selling organizations.

At 22 oclock on January 1, 2019, Wenxin Police Station of West Lake District Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau ran into a woman in a panic. She claimed that she was abducted into a pyramid selling organization by a strange man in Putian, Fujian Province, in the name of selling cosmetics. After finding a chance to escape, she approached the public security organ to seek help.

Video screenshots of women seeking help from public security organs

Jiang Zhigang, the chief of the criminal investigation and police team who received her, became alert at once, and the pyramid selling organization was near the jurisdiction. Thats not a trivial matter. He immediately asked Wu Mou, a woman.

In the conversation with women, Jiang Zhigang found something unusual.

The police first asked Wu about the foothold of the pyramid marketing organization, but found that she knew nothing about the foothold of the pyramid marketing organization.

Wu said that she was taken to her car by a man on a small road outside her home on the grounds of selling cosmetics, and then fell asleep in the car. She only vaguely remembered that there was a traffic light at the door, and she did not know anything about it.

When the police advised Wu to contact her family, she also showed resistance. Subsequently, the police also found photos and videos of Wu Mous mobile phone when he visited Hangzhou. Wu Mous expression in the photos was natural and pleasant.

Can pyramid marketing organizations organize people to go out to play? Jiang Zhigang was suspicious.

While inquiring about Wu, Jiang Zhigang kept passing the case clues to the synthetic battle room. The police in the synthetic battle room found Cheng Mou in a hotel in Sandun Town, Xihu District by technical means.

But Cheng Mous statement is quite different from Wu Mous.

So, the police again asked Wu about the truth, and learned that the truth exposed Wu finally told the secret.

Originally, Wu Mou, 25, and Cheng Mou, 38, were married. Two months ago, they met through a group of micro-letters called Baping and chatted with each other via micro-letters. They were in love and agreed to meet and date in Putian, Fujian, before and after Christmas.

After many dates, they negotiated to drive to Hangzhou for a visit.

Before leaving, Wu told her family that she and several friends went to Hangzhou for a visit. Afterwards, because Wus contact with his family was interrupted, Wus family mistakenly believed that Wu had been cheated into a pyramid selling organization, and then reported the case to the local police station and spread the news of Wu in various Wechat groups.

Wu Mou found the news spread by his family members in the Wechat group of his car, and let Cheng Mou shoot a video to prove that he was not deceived by pyramid selling organizations. Unexpectedly, his family became more worried after watching the video.

Afterwards, Wu worried about the exposure of the scandal and told her family that she had escaped from the pyramid selling organization. She could not take the train without her ID card. She was asked to transfer 2,000 yuan from her family to take a taxi back to Fujian.

Later Chengmou said that he could find a way to book a train ticket and ask Wumou for 1600 yuan one after another. Unexpectedly, the booking failed, and they quarreled about it.

Wu, who had no money and no documents, refused to let her husband and family know the truth of the matter, so she went to the police station to report that she had been abducted by pyramid selling organizations.

Understanding the causes and consequences of the incident, Jiang Zhigang criticized Wu and Chengmou.

Wu Mou lied that he was kidnapped by pyramid selling organizations in order not to let his family know that he and his netizens came to Hangzhou. Then he realized his mistake in time and explained the truth to the public security organs without causing serious consequences.

Wu Mous behavior has constituted a false report of the case. In view of the extremely minor circumstances, the public security organs have made a decision not to impose administrative penalties on Wu Mou.

Source: He Yufang-NN5632, responsible editor of Youth Times