The man suspected his wife was derailed and wanted to ask the police to help him catch the adulterer.

 The man suspected his wife was derailed and wanted to ask the police to help him catch the adulterer.

On the evening of January 10, 2019, Hangzhou Xiaoshan 110 Command Center received several alarms. The police said that his wife was in a hotel in Xintang, Xiaoshan. They hoped that the police could help them find a specific room. The receiving Officer clearly informs the alarmer that the situation reflected by the receiving officer is not within the scope of 110.

After a while, another alarm call came. The alarmer said his 5,000 yuan cash had been stolen. The person who stole the money is now in a hotel in Xintang.

Upon receiving the command centers instructions, the police on duty at Xiaoshan Xintang Police Station rushed to the scene immediately and met the police officer Liu Momou (34 years old) and another man. Liu told police that the man was his wifes cousin Chen Mou-mou (surname changed, 37 years old), his car was stolen, and now found the car parked in the hotel parking lot.

Liu Moumou took out his mobile phone and pointed to a womans photo and told the police that the person who stole money and cars was the same person, in the hotel, but did not know the specific room. He hoped that the police would help find out the person.

The police began their work at the first time, but after preliminary investigation, no obvious theft was found. At the same time, in the inquiry of Liu Mou-mou and Chen Mou-mou, it was found that their words were vague and their answers to the polices questions were ambiguous, even where the car keys were at that time.

All kinds of abnormal signs aroused the suspicion of the police, so they resolutely took the two police officers back to the police station for further inquiry.

In the police station, after further investigation, the police also found that the so-called stolen vehicles were not actually used by Chen Moumou. Faced with the interrogation of the police, the two finally could not withstand the pressure and disclosed the truth of the alarm.

Originally, Chen Moumou and his wife were at odds, so they stole positioners and cameras into his wifes car. It was found that the car had recently been driven by a strange man, so they suspected his wife had derailed.

On the evening of the 10th, Chen found a car parked in a hotel in Xintang, and asked Liu to rush to the hotel together. After asking for his wifes room number from the front desk of the hotel was refused, Chen first dialed 110 many times and asked the police to help him find his wife. After being rejected, the two men falsely reported theft police, intending to use the police to help them achieve the purpose of arresting adultery, so there is the beginning of the scene.

At present, Liu Mou-mou and Chen Mou-mou are respectively sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days and 3 days by Xiaoshan police for false alarm.

Source: He Yufang-NN5632, responsible editor of Youth Times