Data show that the divorce rate is 40percent higher within 45 minutes and more than 5 years of commuting time.

 Data show that the divorce rate is 40percent higher within 45 minutes and more than 5 years of commuting time.

On the way to and from work, the subway is crowded, driving is jammed, why is the commuting time always so long? As a worker, do you have such pain every day? What secrets will the small data in your life reveal to us?

According to the data of Gaode Map, the average commuting congestion time in Beijing in 2018 is close to 45 minutes per day, which is equivalent to 174 hours per person per year for 232 working days. So some netizens joke that if a person really loves Beijing, let him crowded an early peak subway.

Not only in China, but also in many countries, they are suffering from traffic jams and long commutes. In Britain, one in seven people commutes more than an hour a day; in the United States, the average commuting time is about 50 minutes.

Long-distance commuting is far more harmful than taking a little more time. Studies have found that increasing commuting time by 20 minutes can make passengers feel as miserable as cutting their wages by nearly a fifth.

Those who commuted for more than 45 minutes had a 40% higher divorce rate in five years than those who did not commute.

In addition, long commutes force women to spend more money, creating a so-called pink tax. New York women spend an average of $1,200 more on commuting than men every year. Whoever wears a delicate makeup and rocks in a crowded carriage with high heels wishes to have an arbitrary door to their destination.

Is it no good to commute too long? There are also. When the density of people in the subway rises from two people per square meter to five people per square meter, the probability of people buying on mobile phones increases by 45%.

In addition, in the UK, the average wage for people who commute for more than one hour is 18.8 pounds per hour, which is about 164 yuan, almost twice as much as those who commute for less than 15 minutes. If you dont think your income is too low, you can try moving farther away from the company, and then you will find it useless. In the final analysis, the distance between the place of employment and the place of residence of urban residents is an important cause of urban traffic congestion and residentscommuting pain.

Baidu Map data also found that 70% of domestic residentstravel destinations are places of work, business and leisure, which means that if we can rationally allocate a regions workplaces, living places and entertainment places in urban planning, most of the commuting pain can be alleviated.

Source: CCTV News Mobile Network Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675