Infinite Pole Response to Girl Myocardial Damage Event: 25 Sunrise Results

 Infinite Pole Response to Girl Myocardial Damage Event: 25 Sunrise Results

Recently, Ms. Tians complaint in Shaanxi has attracted wide attention from the media and the public. On the morning of January 23, Infinite Pole held a media communication meeting at its headquarters in Guangzhou. It took the initiative to inform Infinite Pole of its progress in dealing with recent complaints. It expressed that it would face the problems frankly, properly handle them and actively cooperate with the investigation.

At the media communication meeting, Xue Shouchun, Vice President of Infinite Pole (China) Co., Ltd., gave a brief introduction to the general situation of Infinite Poles enterprises, and reported the progress of events since Ms. Tians complaint was reported in Shaanxi Province. Xue Shouchun questioned the myocardial damage of girls caused by infinite pole products. He said that the products used by girls had been sent to third-party institutions for testing. The main test drugs met the requirements and standards of the original application for filing. It is expected that the test results will be released on January 25, and will be published to the media at that time.

Xue Shouchun introduced that since Ms. Tians complaint in Shaanxi Province, Infinite Pole has received 18 consumer complaints related to products. Infinite Pole has set up a full-time rectification team for the first time to register and file all consumer complaints and information reported by the media and follow up the implementation one by one. Among them, 7 cases from 400 hotlines have been contacted with all the parties and are being dealt with one by one; 6 cases from branch companies are being coordinated with the parties, distributors or relevant authorities; 5 cases from recent media reports, of which 3 cases have been closed in 2014, 2016 and 2017 respectively, and 2 cases have been contacted with the parties and are being processed.

In response to the above complaints, Infinite Pole has taken the initiative to send 20 related products in batches to third-party institutions in different provinces and municipalities for testing. Xue Shouchun said that after the test report came out, Infinite will inform the public in time.

Xue Shouchun emphasized that the products and services of many direct selling enterprises are related to health, which is an important force to promote the strategic landing of Healthy China. Therefore, the standardized and steady development of direct selling industry is very important.

We do not evade the problems existing in the direct selling industry, but as long as we do a good job of standardization and self-discipline, to strengthen rectification, I believe that the problem can be solved. Now, the 100-day Action provides us with a good opportunity to reflect deeply, strengthen the rectification and make the whole industry develop in a healthier and orderly way. Xue Shouchun said that infinite poles will actively support and actively cooperate with the Hundred Days Action, fully cooperate with relevant state departments, assume their due responsibilities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, create a good environment for the sustained and steady development of the industry, and achieve a harmonious win-win situation with the industry and society.

Source: Southern + Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675