Women undergoing liposuction and breast augmentation for cardiac arrest have been intervened by the death guard department

 Women undergoing liposuction and breast augmentation for cardiac arrest have been intervened by the death guard department

Death Records issued by hospitals.

Half of the women had cardiac arrest after surgery

On January 20, the reporter met Ms. Lis family in the East Hospital of Liuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. For Ms. Lis sudden death, the family members expressed their sadness that they did not know about her liposuction breast augmentation surgery, until she was sent to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Xinai plastic surgery personnel informed the family members, let the family members to the hospital for signature.

Ms. Lis husband, Mr. Huang, told reporters that at about 4:17 p.m. on January 18, he received a telephone call from a woman who claimed to be his wifes fellow townsman, saying that her wife had cardiac arrest and stopped breathing during liposuction and breast augmentation surgery in Xinai, and had been sent to the East Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for rescue. He needed to be present for signature. Upon receiving the news, he immediately put down his decoration work and rushed to the hospital at about 5:00. The hospital immediately gave a notice of critical illness.

On the death record issued by Liuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xinai Plastic Doctor stated that the patient (Ms. Li) underwent thigh liposuction at 12 noon on January 18, during which lidocaine local anesthesia, dexmedetomidine and propofol combined intravenous general anesthesia were performed. At about 2:5 p.m., the patients began to have a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and peripheral blood oxygen saturation. Xin Ai plastic surgeon, after intubation of breath and assisted ventilation by anesthesia ventilator, chest compression, intravenous vasoactive drugs and other treatments, restored the patients autonomous heart rate. The Eastern Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) received the request of Xinai Plastic Surgery to send the patients to the Eastern Hospital of TCM for treatment, and then to the Department of Critical Medicine (surgery) for rescue. The patients were diagnosed as deep coma (suspected ischemic-hypoxic encephalopathy), respiratory failure, shock, metabolic acidosis and hypokalemia after bilateral thigh liposuction and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

At about 5:45 p.m. on January 18, Ms. Li was given a notice of critical illness after cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

At about 2:30 a.m. on January 20, Ms. Li died of a critical illness.

A handwritten document shows that Ms. Lis liposuction breast augmentation surgery is paid by mortgage.

Family members questioned the irregularity of Xinai plastic treatment

After the accident, although Xinai plastic surgery sent Ms. Li to the Chinese medicine hospital for treatment, and paid all the expenses during hospitalization, and sent people to communicate with their families every day, Ms. Lis family said that they could not know the specific causes of cardiac arrest and respiratory failure caused by liposuction breast augmentation surgery.

Ms. Lis sister told reporters that they had many doubts about the treatment of Xinai plastic surgery and believed that Xinai plastic surgery had irregularities and dereliction of duty. The operation is risky. The family members do not know about Ms. Lis operation and have not signed it. Why did the hospital operate on Ms. Li without the family memberssignature? In addition, when cardiac arrest occurs in the operation center, why did the hospital not immediately notify the family members, but only after two hours? In addition, when sending medical treatment, why not send it to the Peoples Hospital nearby, but to the East Hospital of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital around the distance? Does this cause Ms. Li to miss the best rescue time?

In a Xinai Medical Plastic Fat Suction Consent provided by the family, the relevant risk items were noted, but there was no signature of the family members.

Mr. Huang, Lis husband, told reporters that although his wife had said before that she wanted to have breast augmentation surgery, he disagreed; his wife was fooled by a so-called fellow countryman and secretly ran for liposuction breast augmentation surgery, and the operation was still paid by installments.

On a handwritten material provided by Mr. Huang with Xinai plastic letterhead, the reporter saw that it indicated Ms. Lis detailed address and the front address of poultry sales. It also detailed the income and expenditure of the front rent, the number of live poultry sold daily, monthly income, mortgage situation and so on. The handwritten material also states that the price of autologous fat breast enlargement is 2000 + 278 (memory pillow). There are 18 repayments, each of which is 1373.12 yuan. There is also a word on the paper: I volunteered to do autologous fat breast augmentation by stages.

In addition, the handwritten material also wrote the words injection twice, autologous fat extraction leg, seven days of thread removal, permanent self-confidence and fullness.

In Ms. Lis micro-letter, the so-called fellow townsman is called medical and aesthetic micro-plastic, and the transfer record shows that Ms. Li transferred a sum of 5,000 yuan to the other side.

However, Huang said that his wifes so-called fellow townsman had never seen her before, and it was estimated that the time for the other party to add Ms. Li Weixin was not long, but it was certain that the fellow townsman accompanied Ms. Li for physical examination and surgery.

At present, no compensation agreement has been reached between the two sides.

Reporters learned that after Ms. Li died of ineffective rescue, the two sides communicated on the issue of compensation, but as of January 22, no compensation agreement had been reached.

Xin Ai said before plastic surgery to compensate about 1 million yuan, and later said only to compensate more than 300,000 yuan. Family members cannot accept compensation of more than 300,000 yuan. Ms. Lis family said that the two sides had talked about compensation for many days, but it had been fruitless.

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Women died of sudden cardiac arrest after liposuction and breast augmentation. Intervention investigation by Liuzhou Health Supervision Department in Guangxi (Source:)

On Jan. 22, Ms. Lis family members went to Xinai for plastic surgery to pull up a banner and put statues and incense burners outside the door of the outpatient clinic.

According to Ms. Lis family, Ms. Li and her family are from Xincheng County. They came to Liuzhou more than ten years ago to work hard. Li sells live birds in the market, while her husband does decoration outside. There are two sons under her knee, one is 6 years old and the other is 12 years old. There are also three old people to raise on her knee. Lis sudden death hit the family hard. Family members believe that due to liposuction breast augmentation surgery caused Ms. Lis death, Xinai plastic has a major fault, should compensate the family members for the corresponding losses.

January 22, the reporter visited Xinai plastic surgery found that although the three-storey Xinai plastic surgery door is still open, but there are only one or two staff members. For the reporters question, the staff member said that they were coordinating the compensation with their family members. For the operation, the staff member said that the judicial expertise should be taken as the criterion, while other issues were not easy to disclose because they were not authorized by the leadership.

After the incident, the family members at the first time to the Liuzhou Health Supervision Institute reflected the relevant problems, the Liuzhou Health Supervision Institute has been involved in the investigation.

Source: Author of Nanguo Today: Huang Yuanlai, Editor-in-Charge: Su Honghong_NBJ9980