Baidu is the author of Baidu is dead

 Baidu is the author of Baidu is dead

On the evening of the 22nd, an article titled Baidu is dead brushed screen. The article accuses Baidu of more than half of its search results pointing to Baidus own products, especially Baijia, which is full of a large number of marketing and poor quality content, and also leads to a substantial decline in the quality of Baidus search results.

This morning, Baidu released a response, saying that Baidu search results, Baijianu content of the total site account for less than 10%. He also said that the current 1.9 million creators, covering all authoritative media and advisory bodies, also include a large number of high-quality self-media, they are constantly contributing to the depth and authority of good content.

Baidu responded. Photo Source: Screenshots of Weibo

Yesterday, the original media person can become a search engine Baidu is dead brush screen, pointing out that Baidu search results, Baijia number and other Baidu content accounts for too high, Baidu as a search engine survives.

The article says:

Friends who have used Baidu in the past six months may notice a phenomenon: basically more than half of the search results you see on the first page will point to Baidus own products, especially the frequent occurrence of Baijia Number.

Baijia is Baidus self-Media platform. When it was launched, Baijia once played the role of high-quality authors and high-quality content. After several adjustments, Baijia has now become a content platform with marketing number as the main body - content is all-inclusive, large quantity and poor quality.

Anyone can be an author, which means that the quality of published articles must be uneven. As mentioned in the above article, the information quality of Baijia is evident. For example, a false news published on Baijia has gained more than 400,000 readers, and Baidu is constantly directing peoples traffic to Baijia through its search box.

In fact, Baidu itself has a good idea of the quality of the content included. In the past week, the platform has investigated 1558 accounts that violated the relevant provisions of the Baijia Platform Service Agreement and Baidu Alliance Membership Registration Agreement, and dealt with the accounts that were found to have violated the regulations by closing them permanently, Baijia News said on the 14th.

Baidus stock price fell 6%, the authors voice has nothing to do with the article.

Some people associate the stock price with the article. This morning, the author of the article Baidu is dead can be called. There is no causal relationship between the two.

As for Baidus response, he believed that it would be more convincing to give the proportion of the results on the first page...

Netizens: Weibo has fallen even more, but Baidu is on hot search.

Early this morning, the topic about Baidu went on the microblog hot search:

Many people think that Baidu has gone too far.

Hachikkoo: A mobile phone search problem, Baidu knows not to display the complete, but I have to download apps to see.

Roger_CSC: Half of the advertisements on the front page and half of the goods made by the family are drunk.

Fish-born Sijing Red Moon Night Travel: People who often Baidu, usually jump three or five pages directly.

Yolanda Yuex: You can still find general knowledge on Baidu... Of course, academic inquiry naturally requires something else.

Qle in @yu: Baidu is no longer the original Baidu, it has gone astray

Shen Huaishuo: Has done a hundred numbers, the titles of the party read a lot, many articles and even a lot of mistyped words, sentences are not smooth.

Others feel that Baidu is not the only one with problems:

My Department of Neurology: Dont let people follow suit. I trust Baidu.

Libras fairy is me: any business is moving forward in constant exploration

Feng-Shui-Zhang-XuanDun Fuzhou: Arent all the search items in advertisements marked as advertisements? You just dont click!

Make the most of your spare time: Baidu is preferred by the public.

Eastern Seabird Tongue: Is it Baidus own problem, or is it the problem of all search engines in China?

Jiangzi Duck: Now the threshold of self-Media is too low. It starts with a picture, and the content depends on editing. As long as the title is good, there will be thousands of traffic.

Others have found bright spots:

Welcome to Sogou, Wang Xiaochuan, CEO of Sogou, said in response to a 36 krypton interview.

Source: Qiao Jing_N6607, Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily