Hainan version of Qinling Violation called a halt to the main health preservation project was once a key government project.

 Hainan version of Qinling Violation called a halt to the main health preservation project was once a key government project.

The health-preserving city, which claims a total area of 12583 mu, was developed by Hainan Guomao Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hainan Guomao Company), located in the well-known Qingshuiwan Tourist Area in Hainan. It is a complex real estate project integrating health-preserving, tourism, vacation and entertainment, breaking the previous concept of tourism real estate and building a new model of tourism+real estate. These beautiful visions were broken on January 12. The peoples government of Lingshui Li Autonomous County of Hainan Province called a halt to the project. The responsible persons of the developers have taken compulsory measures.

Developers claim that the project is strongly supported by the government and has been listed in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Hainan Province of Guomao Qingshuiwan. What exactly has it experienced?

Healthcare City with Water Cut-off and Power Cut-off

On December 25, 2018, the Enjoyment Supermarket on the first floor of Building 6 of Guomao Qingshuiwan Phase I opened, and it also made the headlines of the developers official website as important news. But less than 20 days after the supermarket opened, the community encountered embarrassment.

Guomao Qingshuiwan Project is located in Yingzhou Town, Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province, about 40 kilometers from Sanya City and 200 kilometers from Haikou City. According to buyers, since November last year, developers have delivered nine completed high-rise buildings to thousands of buyers from across the country.

On January 12, 2019, at about 10 a.m., Chen Quanhan, a Northeast buyer living in a high-rise building in Guomao Qingshuiwan, inadvertently looked down from his balcony and found a car of police coming from the community.

This situation is not only seen by Chen Quanhan alone, but also by many foreign buyers living in the district.

Three days ago, a migrant worker went on strike at the project site to ask for wages. At that time, a car of special police came to maintain order. Chen Quanhan told China Real Estate News that they thought it was the continuation of the migrant workersstrike for wages, and they didnt pay much attention to it.

According to the description of Chen Quanhan and others, a policeman rode around the neighborhood on his bicycle and shouted: the workers upstairs rushed downstairs, and the law enforcement officers had to cut off the water and power in the neighborhood.

When Guomao Qingshuiwan District was cut off by law enforcement officers, and a working group composed of local government departments to persuade residents to mobilize, hundreds of buyers living in the community immediately felt the seriousness of the problem.

According to the residents, local law enforcement officers forcibly dismantled power supply cables, power generation equipment, cut off the main water supply pipeline, completely cut off all water supply and power supply in the community, the normal life rhythm of the owners of the community has been disrupted.

Households use car batteries to charge their mobile phones. China Real Estate News?

At noon on January 16, the reporter met in Guomao Qingshuiwan District. Because the district was cut off from water and electricity, there were several large metal basins on the open space, and the households ordered take-out meals collectively. In front of a car with a foreign license plate, the circuit board connected to the car battery was densely plugged into the mobile phone charger.

Guomao Qingshuiwan, the ten thousand mu health city of Yangqun Mountain in the past, returning to Huahai, suddenly became a difficult place for life such as food and drink, and the dream was broken.

Water and electricity are cut off in residential districts, and households collectively call for takeout.

Hainan version of Qinling illegal construction?

What kind of divine disc is Guomao Qingshuiwan? What kind of magic makes homebuyers in more than 10 provinces and municipalities leave their homes and come here to buy houses and live? What is the reason that led to such a dilemma in the community?

At noon on January 16, a reporter from China Real Estate News went to Guomao Qingshuiwan Project for a field interview. The police had set up a checkpoint at the entrance of the Landscape Avenue of the project. Only after entry and exit of the project are registered with valid documents can they enter and exit.

There are many opinions about the name of Guomao Qingshuiwan project, including Guomao Qingshuiwan Health Holiday Area and Lingshui Guomao International Mud Health Recuperation and Leisure Tourism Resort, while Guomao Qingshuiwan should be the name of the former, and local government departments are more accustomed to calling it Guomao Mud Therapy Project.

The project leading to Guomao Qingshuiwan is a landscape avenue for several kilometers. The respondents all said that this broad and beautiful landscape Avenue is the face of the real estate project, This road gives us a good first impression, the project is very atmospheric.

Guomao Qingshuiwan home buyers told reporters that the developers claimed that the project covers an area of 12583 Mu and is located in Hainans famous Qingshuiwan tourist area. It is a complex project integrating health preservation, tourism, vacation and entertainment, breaking the previous concept of tourism real estate and building a new model of tourism + real estate. Developers often have to highlight that the project is strongly supported by the government and has been included in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Hainan Province.

To tell you the truth, I decided to buy a house from northeast to Hainan and did some homework online in advance. In nearly 60 years, Chen Quanhan told reporters about his first visit to Guomao Qingshuiwan in February 2017: the landscape avenue that came in was beautifully built, and I was shocked by it. The sand table in the sales office was also magnificent. At that time, my heart beat.

Like Chen Quanhan, Huang Zuxian, who came to Hainan from Beijing to buy a house, said he was completely suppressed by the overwhelming propaganda of the Guomao Qingshuiwan project. When we get off the plane in Sanya, there are advertisements for Guomao Qingshuiwan everywhere. In April 2017, Huang Zuxian went to Hainan to buy a house. He said, When I arrived at the scene, I had the impulse to pay cash for the house.

Reporters learned that the above-mentioned households are in 2017 subscription houses, when the price is 13,000 yuan per square meter, mortgage purchase, 30% down payment. From November 20, 2018, Guomao Qingshuiwan began to make room for buyers.

According to the above-mentioned buyers, Guomao Qingshuiwan Phase I covers an area of more than 300 mu, with a total of more than 10 high-rise apartments and more than 200 villas. At present, nine high-rise buildings have been built, and there are thousands of households in the community.

The magnificent Sales Office will be demolished.

We have no reason not to believe the developers and the project. Chen Quanhan and other households told China Real Estate News that the project is a key project of Hainan Province during the 13th Five-Year Plan, and the project has been in existence for five years.

But local government departments poured cold water on buyers: the real estate project is suspected of illegal land use, illegal sales and other issues.

Local law enforcement officers told us that Guomao Qingshuiwan is the Hainan version of the `Qinling Violation, which is very bad in nature and has attracted high-level attention in Hainan Province. Chen Quanhan and other buyers do not agree with the statement of illegal construction of Qinling Mountains. This project has no adverse impact on the environment. More importantly, these houses have buyers. How can we say illegal construction of Qinling Mountains?

The Dilemma of Investment Invitation Projects

China Real Estate News reporter through public information inquiry, as early as the afternoon of June 27, 2015, Hainan as the main guest province of Guiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization 2015 Conference, held a special event with the theme of Blue Land and Eco-Hainan in Guiyang International Eco-Conference Center. In this event, Hainan signed 32 major cooperative projects with an investment of 58.5 billion yuan.

These 32 cooperation projects include the Lingshui International Mud Sanatorium Project, which is planned to build an international mud sanatorium in Lingshui County, Hainan Province, which integrates health care, mud sanitation and comprehensive services. That is to say, Lingshui International Mud Sanatorium Project is a project attracting investment through the government.

On June 27, 2015, the Lingshui County Government and Liaoning Guomao Investment Group Co., Ltd. signed a letter of intent for investment in the International Mud Sanatorium Park Project. Hainan Guomao Company, the construction unit of Guomao Qingshuiwan Project, is a subsidiary of Liaoning Guomao Investment Group Co., Ltd. which was registered as early as 2011.

For Guomao Qingshuiwan project, the developers describe it as a colourful city which integrates 10,000 Mu vacation and nature skillfully with the planning concept of ecological real estate + cultural tourism. In foreign propaganda, developers always have to focus on mentioning that the project is strongly supported by the government and has been included in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Hainan Province.

Reporters learned that before January 12, the residents of Guomao Qingshuiwan did not notice any signs. Even on January 3, as the developer of the project, Hainan Guomao Company issued a Announcement on the Residence of Guomao Qingshuiwan before February 1, 2019.

According to the announcement, customers whose down payment is less than 30% require refund in accordance with the companys management procedures, and those whose down payment is more than 30% are not checked in before February 1, 2019.

New supermarkets that bring temporary convenience to households.

In fact, Chen Quanhan, who has paid the full amount and actually stayed, has no formal purchase contract on hand. However, developers also issued them with Hainan Provincial Construction Department System words Housing Quality Assurance Letter and Housing Use Instructions and many other certificates of delivery.

Why has the cultural and tourism real estate project, which encloses ten thousand mu of land, come to such a dilemma? What happened in the middle? China Real Estate Newspaper reporters contacted developers through various channels, but all failed: Hainan Guomao Companys public contact telephone can not be dialed, the reporters interview letters and e-mails were returned by the system.

Local Government: Illegal Land Use for Projects

The land occupied by this project is the land for comprehensive development of state-owned agriculture, and the right to use the land for state-owned construction has not been obtained according to law. On the afternoon of January 16, the person in charge of Lingshui County told China Real Estate News that Guomao Mud Therapy Project (that is, Guomao Qingshuiwan Project) is not only an illegal land occupation project, but also suspected of illegal sales.

The person in charge also confirmed to the reporters that the responsible persons of the developers have taken compulsory measures, and many local cadres who are responsible for negligence and dereliction of duty have been punished with Party discipline and government discipline.

On January 12, the Lingshui County Government issued a circular on taking over illegal buildings, saying that the Hainan Guomao Company had made a Decision on Administrative Punishment many times because of the illegal occupation of land for the construction of Guomao Mud Therapy Project. The Lingshui County Land and Resources Bureau will take over the illegal buildings of the illegal land occupation project according to law, and require the relevant personnel to clean up the items and limit them. Within 3 days, evacuate the scene.

China Real Estate News reporter met in Guomao Qingshuiwan District, Lingshui County Housing Administration also set up a vertical stainless steel bulletin board on the spot, saying that Hainan Guomao Company has illegal land use, illegal construction, illegal sales of Guomao Qingshuiwan project, and issued consumer warnings to buyers.

The relevant departments of Lingshui County went to the scene to do ideological work for the people who bought houses.

The above-mentioned person in charge introduced to reporters that the land occupied by the Guomao Mud Therapy Project is the land for comprehensive development of state-owned agriculture. Construction started without obtaining the right to use the land for state-owned construction according to law, without going through the relevant procedures such as project planning permission, construction report and construction. The relevant departments of Lingshui County have issued several stop notices and administrative penalty decisions. Since 2017, the Lingshui County Party Committee and the county government have held several special meetings to deploy and promote the renovation work.

On January 12, the Lingshui County Government issued a circular to take over the illegal buildings and structures of the project according to law. On January 13, the Lingshui County Committee and the county government held an on-site promotion meeting in Yingzhou Town.

Lingshui County said that to take compulsory measures against the responsible developers, in a sense, is to maximize the protection of the interests of the people who buy houses and minimize their losses. The county will resolutely crack down on the illegal activities of the project according to law, strengthen the control of illegal buildings, do a good job in maintaining stability, such as mass persuasion and guidance, and start the relevant responsible person investigation and accountability procedures.

Interestingly, at present, there are many real estate intermediary websites in Hainan, which still show that Hainan Lingshui Guomao Qingshuiwan real estate is on sale. The price is 19000 yuan per square meter, and the price is valid until January 31, 2019.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, Responsible Editor of China Real Estate Network