My son set up a company to deal with pyramid selling of health care products. My 78-year-old father called him a traitor.

 My son set up a company to deal with pyramid selling of health care products. My 78-year-old father called him a traitor.

Chen Jie, a native of Chengdu, said he was homeless. A month ago, he was ordered not to go home because his 78-year-old father was constantly prevented from buying health care products.

The battle between Chen Jie and health care products has lasted for a long time, accompanied by the deterioration of parentshealth, the depletion of family savings and the deterioration of father-son relationship.

Many nights, Chen Jie would wake up at 3 or 4 a.m. and daydream over and over, If there were no such company, no so many morally corrupt people came to my parents, my family would be happy.

In 2017, in order to help parents and more people, Chen Jie set up a company specializing in health product pyramid marketing. So far, more than 300 people have turned to him for help.

Recently, Qianjiang Evening News reporter met him in Chengdu and listened to his story about the battle between the elderly and those health products pyramid marketing companies.

Chen Jie is sorting out past cases

Father cut him off from his mother

A few days ago, Chen Jie got the news from his brother that his father had replaced the locks at home and said he was not welcome back. Chen Jies relationship with his father, which had just relaxed, fell back to the freezing point.

This is because at the end of last year, he prevented his father from taking his mother to a national intangible cultural heritage heir to buy medicine and treat diseases.

Chen Jies mother suffered from cerebral infarction three years ago, bad walking, hypertension, hyperglycemia and other geriatric diseases.

The man said that two courses of treatment would make my mother stand up, by bleeding, needling and taking his powder. Chen Jie knew it only after her mother had been treated for 8 days because her father concealed, I once found more than 10 needle eyes on my mother, and she said it was very painful.

During this period, Chen Jies mother stopped taking antihypertensive drugs at the suggestion of the other side, on the grounds that those drugs would affect his therapeutic effect.

Chen Jie cant stand it.

He did a lot of searches on the website and made countless phone calls. Finally, Chen Jie got the list of non-survivors. There was no so-called doctor on it at all.

Chen Jie quickly complained to the industry and commerce, and also to the local media in Chengdu, I can think of all ways to stop. If we delay for one day, my mother will suffer another day.

Soon, Chen Jies mothers treatment was terminated. But Chen Jie was not happy.

The so-called non-hereditary person told Chen Jies father after the accident that one more course of treatment could have been cured. Later, when Chen Jies mother went again, she was besieged by the staff and other patients inside. They say your son doesnt want you to live, he wants to steal your money earlier. Mother cried and said to Chen Jie.

When his father heard these words, he was furious and thought that Chen Jie was hindering his mothers treatment. Chen Jie repeatedly said that this person was a false propaganda, his father shouted at him, I dont care about this, the other side said that you can let your mother stand up, let him treat.

After this incident, Chen Jies father did not let him go home anymore. Now, my father doesnt give my mother a cell phone and wont let her answer my phone. Speaking of this, Chen Jie suddenly bowed his head and choked.

Establish a company specializing in health product pyramid marketing

The last three or four years, Chen Jie and his parents are such a tug-of-war.

Earlier, 10 years ago, Chen Jies parents came back from time to time to buy health care products, when he just persuaded.

Three years ago, Chen Jies mother suffered from cerebral infarction, which made her better and became her fathers persistence. He began to look around for medicine.

Shortly afterwards, Chen Jie knew that his parents had spent more than 800,000 yuan on health care products and had no effect in persuading him. The 47-year-old Chengdu man set up Chengdu Umbrella Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in 2017 to prevent the elderly from being deceived, focusing on dealing with health care product pyramid marketing.

At that time, I was very angry and wanted to set up a company specializing in health product pyramid marketing. Chen Jie said he wanted to study what the elderly actually heard, why these companies could seize the hearts of the elderly, and why they could escape supervision.

Chen Jie has accumulated rich experience in the long tug-of-war with his parents over health care products: how to observe whether their parents want to buy new health care products, which health care products are problematic products, how to collect evidence, complaints and so on?

Many children find Chen Jie counseling, more than a year down, more than 300 people asked him for help.

Father cursed him as a traitor.

One day in 2016, Chen Jie found that his father brought back several boxes of cordyceps, saying that he could treat his mothers cerebral infarction and invest in it.

As soon as Chen Jie heard that it was unreliable, he called the industry and Commerce Department to report the company information on the packing box.

Only then did I know how cunning these companies were. They had three addresses, the product packaging, the industrial and commercial registration and the actual address. According to the first two information, the industry and Commerce failed to find the company and returned in vain. Chen Jie knew he had to find the real place.

Father was wary of him and would not tell him. Chen Jie had to pretend that he was interested in Cordyceps militaris. Now that I can invest, Ill see about it.

Father rarely smiled at Chen Jie and said that he had finally done something right.

Father took Chen Jie to the scene, a high-end office building, there are more than 20 elderly people talking. Chen Jie was shocked by the other partys propaganda process. They first said that the venue was provided by the local government, which dispelled the doubts of most elderly people, who especially believed in the government; then they said that the product belonged to a national project. I checked it afterwards and found that the project did exist, but it had nothing to do with the product. Finally, a few patients who have recovered from taking their products are shown on the screen.

Chen Jies father, the more he listens, the happier he is...

After returning, Chen Jie complained to the departments of industry and commerce, food and drug administration, etc.

The next day after the complaint, Chen Jie received a phone call from his father and scolded him bitterly, saying that he was a traitor. Those people reacted quickly, and I suspect they have a whole backtracking system. Chen Jie remembered that when his father took him to the scene, the other party made a detailed registration on the computer, Record my fathers name, telephone number, who to take with me.

Quickly, after the industry and Commerce went to check, the people of the health products company went to Chen Jies house three times. To my father, Im a very bad person, and I said that I would be in danger if I did that again.

At the same time, the other partys phone also called Chen Jies mobile phone, said I destroyed their normal operation, let me withdraw the complaint.

Chen Jies complaint prevented his father from continuing to buy cordyceps, but it also deepened his fathers resentment towards him. He also did not think the complaint was successful. Industry and commerce just listed the company as an abnormal operation, and there is no further information.

He knows that his father has also participated in several activities organized by the other side, and that some people have changed their faces and changed products to continue to sell to their parents, but he can do nothing about it.

Chen Jie is sorting out past cases

If only we could go back 10 years ago.

Chen Jie has rich experience in forensics and complaints.

Once, in order to prevent his father from taking his mother to Quanjians hemotherapy, he drove more than 100 kilometers to inspect the so-called hospital and photographed the inquiry process.

My mother saw those videos, and she thought it was unreliable, so she gave up. If they go directly and are fooled by the other party, they cant be stopped.

In the past three or four years, Chen Jie has collected evidence five or six times under cover like this. Time-consuming and energy-consuming are risky, but this is the only effective way he can overcome irregular health care products.

Chen Jies mother had a painful experience nine years ago: because she believed in an eye drops that claimed to be able to treat cataracts and missed the best operation, her eyes are now almost blind.

I cant afford to do it again.

Chen Jie concluded that parents could be prevented from complaining that the companies were banned. More than one member of the victim coalition Weixin group he organized was saying, I wish that the health care company my father (mother) bought would be blocked immediately.

After Quan Jians accident, these children all thought it was an excellent opportunity, but all of them were disappointed. Most of the old people said that they just didnt buy Quan Jian.

But complaints dont work either. Departments will pass the buck and take a long time to deal with it. The result may be understated.

Chen Jie has experienced the longest complaint handling in one year. His father spent 160,000 yuan to take his mother to Beijing to inject a stem cell called cure all diseases.

He spent three months collecting evidence and then complaining.

A year later, Chen Jie received a reply from the health department that the other party was illegally practicing medicine and fined 10,000 yuan.

After Chen Jie complained, the company stopped for a while. Last year, it began to publicize again. Speaking of this, Chen Jie hammered down the sofa with his hand.

Chen Jie has thought about giving up countless times, Thats it.

After the establishment of anti-fraud company, Chen Jie quit his job, repeated evidence complaints and struggles, also made him very tired. The results are also unsatisfactory. So far, less than 20% of the people who have sought help have succeeded.

No income in recent years, they are eating the old money. Chen Jies child is still young, and his wife complains a lot about him.

Chen Jie thought more than once that if only I could go back ten years ago, I would stop my parents at the beginning.

What should parents do when they are stuck in health products?

In the last six months, Gao Wei (pseudonym), 45, and his father have relaxed a lot, but his heart has a dull pain, because he feels it is the life of his brother.

Father and Gao Wei, or the conflict with the whole family, originated a year ago when the 70-year-old began to buy various health care products, almost obsessed.

Like many families whose parents are deeply in the quagmire of health care products, Gao Weis original peaceful home has cracks, sometimes fierce quarrels, sometimes silent cold war.

Because of health care products, many peoples family relationships are in a mess, and many children are suffering a lot. Later, Gao Wei found Chen Jies help.

Chen Jie has to read a lot of books to deal with pyramid selling.

Creating contradictions between the elderly and their children

Gao Wei is a Beijinger. Before his parents retired, they were all high-ranking workers. His father still works outside the office today. Gao Wei had never thought before that his parents would become the kind of people who buy all kinds of health care products from home.

Gao Weis mothers health has been poor. In 2017, her condition worsened.

At first, my father often brought home small gifts, humidifiers and air purifiers. I thought he bought them. Two or three months later, I found out that he brought back the medicine. When I looked at it, I thought it was over. This was the messy health care products, many of which were nonexistent.

Like most children, Gao Weis first job is to check whether these health care products are regular on the Internet. Its impossible to find them on the relevant national websites. These could not convince Gao Weis father that his son had invented them for his own sake.

Gao Wei once dragged his father into the victim alliance organized by Chen Jie, where he often sent messages identifying health products. Later, he found out that his father would not read the information at all. Gao Wei feels powerless. Chen Jie shared Gao Weis experience.

I used to have contradictions with my father, but that was a common family contradiction. After the event, we could understand each other and not resent each other. But its about the contradiction of health care products, like a feud. Chen Jie thinks the reason is that those who sell health care products will repeatedly do the work of the elderly, and even say some slanderous words about their children, that is, constantly brainwashing, creating contradictions between the elderly and their children, the most common saying is that their children are greedy for the money of the elderly, and wish you died earlier. When they train, they often say that the older the old people are, the more afraid they are of death, the sick old people are better deceived.

Chen Jie, who has been undercover at the sales meeting, has seen the horror of these people: Their mastery of information about the elderly is beyond your imagination. They not only register themselves, but also their spouses, including several children, what kind of work, when to visit them at ordinary times, and who is the owner of the family. When Chen Jie clashed with a health care company, the other party clearly reported where he worked and what new car he bought.

Youre the roadblock to my health

His father kept buying health care products, and Gao Wei once called the police.

One time, my father bought a set of four sets which claimed to have infrared therapeutic effect. After paying 2,000 yuan, a young man went to the door to collect the 7,000 yuan he owed.

I only knew then that this set of sheets cost 9,000 yuan. Gao Wei bombed the young man out of the house and asked for a refund. After being refused, Gao Wei asked the other party to provide invoices. I actually want to get evidence, but he said no.

Gao Wei called the police and the man left after the police mediated.

I went to work and only heard in the evening that my father gave the money to the man. Originally, the young man waited in the neighborhood afterwards to see Gao Wei leave and look for the door again.

Gao Wei knows that the alarm cant solve the problem. A police officer told me that you had to persuade the old man. To tell you the truth, my old man also buys these, and I cant help it.

Gao Weis father never told him where he bought health care products. He used to install tracking software on his fathers mobile phone. I saw him out of the city, and I knew he was picked up and sold by those people. Calling his mobile phone, it must be off.

On one occasion, Gao Weis father brought back health care products publicity, claiming that this is the technology of a hospital, he took his father to the hospital specially for consultation.

The hospital says that their medicine is never sold out, and the experts on it are not their hospitals either. Gao Wei thought this was an irrefutable proof. As a result, my father said that the expert said that he did scientific research and did not sit in the hospital.

Gao Weis father believed that these health products could help his wife recover, and he put all his savings into it. Gao Wei estimates that at least hundreds of thousands of yuan, every time we buy more than 10,000 products back. These products include treatment of cerebral infarction, improvement of internal circulation, alteration of genes, tongue cutting and blood collection...

My father scolded Gao Wei as a road tiger on his way to health. Im doing it for your mothers sake. Why did you stop it? At this time, Gao Wei felt isolated and helpless.

Only oneself knows the pain in ones heart

Like Gao Wei, finding Chen Jies helpers had a variety of psychological burdens. These help-seekers are post-70s, post-80s and post-90s, including state officials, small bosses and foreign students. They said, I really dont know how to persuade, but I have no choice. If my family breaks down and people die, its a man-made disaster that is doomed to escape. Someone said, The pain in my heart, only I know, these two years are going to be depressed.

If thats all, Gao Wei may just be upset, but last September, his brothers accident became an obstacle he couldnt get over.

Because he kept buying health care products, his fathers savings had been emptied, and his mothers pension of nearly 10,000 yuan a month, plus the income of an external employee, left little. Sometimes, he would ask my brother and me for money.

Gao Weis elder brother lived with his parents. With the support of his mother, he bought a car with more than 60,000 yuan and started an online appointment.

My father suddenly asked my brother to pay back the 60,000 yuan last year. When Gao Wei learned about this, he was surprised because his father usually did not like this before. His retirement pension is higher than my brothers income.

Gao Weis brother was under great pressure. He came out early and returned late every day. He drove longer and longer. One day, he died of a sudden cerebral haemorrhage. My mother felt that my brothers departure was related to his fathers request for money. I think so too. He talked to me about it. Its very stressful. But Gao Wei could not say, but also advised his mother, My brother is not in good health and has nothing to do with his father.

Gao Wei said that there were countless times when he wanted to fight with people who sold health care products.

Help-seeking information sent to him by the caller

Quit talking about the right and wrong of health care products tacitly

The death of his brother has virtually alleviated the relationship between Gao Wei and his father.

One day, he came home and offered to wash his fathers feet. I happened to read an article about the old mans health during that period, which can best be reflected from his feet.

Gao Wei remembered that his father was shuffled when he heard the proposal of washing his feet.

When I looked down and washed my head, I felt that he was crying. I dared not look at him. It was Gao Weis first time to wash his fathers feet. He found that his feet were swollen and there were pieces of bruise on his calves. After my brother left, he took my brothers children to school by bike. When he was in a hurry, he hit his foot on his leg. Because of this foot washing, Gao Weis guard was much less. Although he still bought health care products, he would take the initiative to chat with him. Gao Wei no longer confronts his father directly. He doesnt want to excite the old man.

Sometimes he calls his father and asks, Where did you go today? Father said, go to class. Gao Wei no longer explodes hair, but asks voluntarily, what new knowledge has he learned?

From two or three months ago, Gao Wei brought some imported medicines to his mother through his own channels, including antihypertensive drugs and hypoglycemic drugs. When he handed them to his father, he said they were health care products. They are all in foreign languages, and he cant understand them.

Father and son no longer mention the right and wrong of health care products tacitly, especially Gao Wei, who carefully avoided the topic. Although he knows its a thorn, it will always be there.

During the long talk, the middle-aged man sighed more than once. I know, my father is like this, a large part of the reason is that my son does not care enough about him, but I can not accompany my father 24 hours, I have old, down there are small ah. A man in middle age is better than a dog!

How to Deal with Pyramid Marketing of Health Products

Over the past year, Chen Jie has had some experience in blocking health care products in the actual war.

1. Children should not blame their parents, which will lead to rebellion.

2. Be good at finding clues in parentshomes. Focus on the living room and bedroom areas. First, see if there are leaflets. Once leaflets are found, alarms should be sounded immediately, indicating that new products will be bought in a few days. Second, see if there is a new product at home, if there is, try to find ways to obtain evidence.

3. Chen Jie hopes that in the fight against illegal health care products, every family should be meshed, such as selecting a well-trained family member, visiting the elderly regularly, helping the elderly identify fraud and follow up complaints. If there is only one old man buying at home, we must strive to turn the other one into a line of eye.

Source: Liable Editor of Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News: Qiao Jing_NN6607