Fifty-six-year-old aunt was deceived into divorcing 540,000 people for playing dusk love with a strange man

 Fifty-six-year-old aunt was deceived into divorcing 540,000 people for playing dusk love with a strange man

He is only a sophomore in elementary school.

Use Wechat to Add People Nearby

Pretend to be a doctor and talk to each other about love

Although the old routine is a bit old.

But deceived middle-aged aunts

Still lost heart, was set money

This years 47-year-old uncle used Wechat people nearby to add friends, put on a white coat and pretend to be doctors in Zhongshan Hospital or 174 Hospital, to defraud older women, and in just two years he defrauded more than 540,000 yuan.

At about 12 noon on January 21 this year, with the assistance of the relevant units of Siming Public Security Bureau, the police of the Chinese Police Station found Chen Mojun temporarily living at his girlfriends home on Huyuan Road. The police pretended to carry out a one standard, three facts visit and knocked at the door, which was opened by Chen Mojun.

Yesterday, Siming Police informed the case.

China Police Station Passes the Registration System of One Bid, Three Real Substances

The suspect was successfully captured

The police uncovered the suspects fraud.

Victim 1: Ms. Wang, over half a century old, lent him 111,000 or even divorced her husband.

On January 10, Ms. Wang, over half a century old, came to the Chinese police station to report the case, saying that a man named Chen Jinquan cheated 111,000 yuan by making friends in love and marriage.

In April 2017, as she passed by Zhongshan Park, a stranger added her as a friend through the Wechat People Nearby function. The Chen Jinquan claimed to be the chief physician in the cardiology department of Zhongshan Hospital and sent photos of him wearing a white coat and a mask. The two met soon. Chen Jinquan was nine years younger than Ms. Wang, but he talked about dusk love with Ms. Wang.

In June 2018, Chen Jinquan said:

He has a flat in Xiamen and wants to live with Ms. Wang after retirement, but lacks some decoration money. I hope Ms. Wang will lend it to him first, and then the title certificate will add Ms. Wangs name.

After the first loan of 20,000 yuan, Ms. Wang lent a total of 111,000 yuan to Chen Jinquan within four months. Husband perceived that Ms. Wangs behavior was unusual and persuaded her, but Ms. Wang ignored the obstruction and even wanted to divorce her husband.

However, when Ms. Wang began to ask for money from Chen Jinquan, the other party gradually lost contact. Ms. Wang inquired about Dr. Chen Jinquan in Zhongshan Hospital and found no such person. Only then did she realize that she had been deceived and called the police.

Victim 2: 59-year-old Grandma was deceived by 430,000 people in two months and almost emptied her house.

The investigation by the Chinese police station found that Chen Jinquan was a pseudonym, but the suspects micro-signal and mobile phone number could not be faked. By inquiring the registration system of one standard and three facts, the police found out the real name of Chen Jinquan, a 47-year-old Sichuan native.

Chen Mojuns Name

Relevant to another case-

March 2018

Kaiyuan police station received an alarm from a 59-year-old grandmother

Said to have been cheated by a man for more than 430,000 yuan

It is understood that the grandmothers husband died and managed a chess and card room alone near Zhongshan Park. In June 2017, Grandma went for a walk in Zhongshan Park. A man who claimed to be Doctor Liu Zhiqiang of 174 Hospital added her as a friend through Wechat.

Grandma asked Liu Zhiqiang to play cards in the chess and card room. They were 13 years apart. After playing cards several times, they established a relationship. Grandma revealed that her husband had left her hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest. Liu Zhiqiang claimed that his wife had passed away and his daughter was a financial product in the bank. The interest rate was high and worth investing.

Grandma gave Liu Zhiqiang 20,000 yuan at the beginning, and the next month she received interest of 2,000 yuan. See the return is so high, coupled with the Liu Zhiqiang identity is convinced that within two months, a total of more than 430,000 yuan remitted to the other side, almost emptied the bottom of the family. However, after receiving the money, Liu Zhiqiang never returned the interest and gradually lost the connection.

The man named Liu Zhiqiang is Chen Mojun.

The two cases were similar in technique

Chen Mojun has established a relationship with the 59-year-old grandmother.

On the one hand, she talked with Ms. Wang about dusk love

There is only one purpose.

Cheat money

What exactly is his method?

Frequently capturing fraud to make it work?

According to the Civilian Police Investigation

Chen Mojun, who is only a sophomore in elementary school, came to Xiamen to work in 1994 with a criminal record of intentional injury. In 2014, Chen Mojun used the pseudonym of Chen Jinquan to cheat another 63-year-old woman about 2,000 yuan near Zhonglun Park.

According to Chen Mojun

He had worked as a nurse in a hospital, even as a management, and had the opportunity to contact the doctors white coat. He was wearing a white coat and took some pictures to stay. After leaving the hospital, he pretended to be a doctor with the photos he had taken in his white coat and cheated by making friends through marriage. In the past two years, 540,000 yuan he cheated was used to buy lottery tickets and spend money everyday.

Chen Mojun temporarily stayed at his girlfriends home on Huyuan Road when he fell into the net. The girlfriend was also borrowed more than 200,000 yuan, and she was still in the dark when the police came to her door.

At present, the police initially identified three cases involving Chen Mojun, involving a sum of more than 540,000 yuan. Chen Mojun has been detained by the police on suspicion of fraud and the case is under further investigation.

Source: He Yufang_NN5632, responsible editor of Hercynian Morning Post