Here we go again! Close surveillance of U.S. warships invading Baltic Russia

 Here we go again! Close surveillance of U.S. warships invading Baltic Russia

Russian Soviet-24 fighter planes flew over US naval frigates at ultra-low altitude

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The US Navys Donald Cook missile destroyer just entered the Black Sea, and the US sent two more destroyers to the Baltic Sea. Russias National Defense Command Center said Tuesday that the Russian Baltic fleet had sent two frigates, the Brave and the Sensitive, to track and monitor the two destroyers of the US Navy, Greavery and Porter, entering the southern Baltic Sea. At the same time, the Baltic Fleet and the Western Military Regions technical reconnaissance system are also involved in the surveillance of U.S. warships.

The Greavery is an old rival of the Russian navy. Last June, the ship and the Russian naval frigate were in dangerous proximity in the Mediterranean, and the United States and Russia accused each other of unsafe and unprofessional actions by their warships.

According to the newspaper, it is rare for US naval vessels to appear in two sea areas around Russia at the same time, and the US Navy has not entered the Baltic Sea area for a long time. Russian experts believe that the United States is doing this to test the Russian navys response capability. Russian military expert Jabin said that the US destroyers entering the Baltic Sea may have several purposes: first, to engage in reconnaissance activities, using radio equipment to monitor Russian military movements in coastal areas. Secondly, the U.S. European Command demonstrated its military diplomacy in this area. The United States is trying to show its allies that they can count on the support of the United States.

Former chief of staff of the Russian Navy, Serivanov, said the Baltic Sea was an open area where U.S. warships could enter, but Russian warships had the right to monitor them. Of course, Americans will not violate Russian territorial waters because they know the threat they face in doing so. In addition, from a military point of view, the two American destroyers do not pose a threat in the region. The Russian naval frigates tracking them will transmit the coordinates of the U.S. ships to the Fleet Command Center at any time. The command center notifies the coastal anti-ship missile system, air force and warship of these coordinates in real time according to the situation, all kinds of weapons can start in a few seconds. (Liu Yupeng)

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