U.S. Navy ships will conduct anti-missile drills in waters near Russia in the Black Sea

 U.S. Navy ships will conduct anti-missile drills in waters near Russia in the Black Sea

Reference News Network reported on January 23 that the US Navy destroyer Cook had entered the Black Sea, according to a report on the website of Russia Today on January 20. Russian officials said they would pay close attention to the movements of American ships.

According to the real-time news released by the official social network account of the 6th Fleet of the US Navy, on January 20, local time, after the USS Cook entered the Black Sea through the Turkish Strait, technicians from the US Missile Defense System also worked on the USS Cook, who will participate in the integration of the ships combat system into the US Missile Defense System.

Russian media said that the last deployment of U.S. Navy vessels in the Black Sea was less than two weeks before the Cook entered the Black Sea. Earlier this month, the US Navys dock landing ship, Fort McHenry, traveled to the Black Sea and held joint training at sea with the Romanian Navy. The U.S. Navy issued a statement saying that the conventional deployment of U.S. warships in the Black Sea is in full conformity with international law.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the Russian National Defense Administration Center issued a message that the Russian Black Sea fleet had immediately started tracking the destroyer after the US Navy destroyer Cook entered the Black Sea.

The source said: The Black Sea Fleet has begun to track the movement of the US Navys missile destroyer Donald Cook, which has just entered the Black Sea.

DATA PICTURE: On the evening of January 19, the USS Cook crossed the Dadaniel Strait from the Aegean Sea into the Marmara Sea. The next step is to enter the Black Sea through the Bosporus Strait. (Pictures come from the Internet)

DATA PICTURE: Russian Navy frigate Seeking Knowledge. (Pictures come from the Internet)

The Black Sea Fleets Seeking Knowledge frigate began to track U.S. warships directly. In addition, the news also pointed out that the Cook destroyer in the Black Sea Fleet area of responsibility, the Russian side will use fleet electronic technology to track.

According to the Montreux Convention, which requires non-Black Sea coastal warships to pass through the Turkish Strait, US destroyers cannot stay in the Black Sea for more than 21 days, the source said.

The destroyer Cook belongs to the U.S. Navys Ali Burke missile destroyer. It is equipped with advanced Aegis phased array radar system and can carry more than 90 anti-aircraft missiles or cruise missiles. It is noteworthy that the Ali Berk class missile destroyer belonging to the 6th US Navy Fleet also undertakes the task of missile defense support to NATO allies in the Mediterranean Sea.

Russian media commented that in 2018, the US Navy dispatched six warships to the Black Sea. It includes three destroyers, a fast transport ship, a dock landing ship and the amphibious command ship Whitney Hill, the flagship of the 6th Fleet. Only 21 days after entering 2019, the US Navy sent two warships into the Black Sea. This shows the intention of the United States to increase military pressure on Russia in the Black Sea after the outbreak of the Kachi Strait incident. (Compiler/Vernon)

Source: Reference Message Network Responsible Editor: Ma Chao_NBJ9865