Manchester City general: Guashuai opened a restaurant but asked us to pay double the price.

 Manchester City general: Guashuai opened a restaurant but asked us to pay double the price.

Bernardo Silva said, Ive been to Tast Restaurant in Guadiola. Its great, but its also very expensive. Guardiola never gives discounts to our players, in fact... We have to pay double. Last July, Guadiola opened the restaurant in Manchester, with two Manchester City executives, Begiristan and Soliano, also holding shares.

Bernardo Silva can be competent on the side and in the middle, has excellent offensive power and is willing to run actively to participate in the defense. He has scored five goals and six assists in the Premier League this season, and runs more than 150 miles (about 240 kilometers). Now he has become a key player in Manchester City, and there are even rumours that Real Madrid, the Spanish giants, want to sign him.

Bernardo Silva has won many Championship trophies, to which he said, When I was a child, I could not expect to win the Portuguese championship, the French championship, the English championship at the age of 24, and represent the national team. Im happy with what Ive achieved, but when youve done so much, you always want more, and thats what Im trying to do.

Finally, Bernardo Silva talked about his family. They are all proud of what I have done so far, and I can feel it from my sisters, my parents, my grandmother and all my friends. They are proud to see me playing for the best team in the world, maybe the best league in the world, and being included in the national team. My parents and even my grandmother like football. Sometimes when I dont perform well in the game, my grandmother calls me and asks me why I didnt play well, not because I was criticized by Guardiola, but because my grandmother was the first one to criticize me! uuuuuu