Dangerous! Cai Ying inspected an officer of the Taiwanese Army to steal more than 10 rounds of bullets in advance.

 Dangerous! Cai Ying inspected an officer of the Taiwanese Army to steal more than 10 rounds of bullets in advance.

Cai Ying (Taiwan Media)

Overseas Network January 23 - January 15, Cai Yingying went to Hualien to inspect the Taiwanese Army, but now it is reported that when the army checked the ammunition earlier this month, it found that more than 10 rounds of ammunition and a magazine were stolen, and this news only returned to the security department a few days after the end of Cai Yingyings inspection trip. At that time, the nearest distance between the officers and soldiers participating in the exercise and Cai Yingying was only more than 10 meters. In case the burglars were in the team, the consequences would be quite serious.

According to Taiwans Dongsen News Cloud and Chimo News, the incident happened when Cai Ying inspected the battle vehicle battalion of the Huadong Defense Command of the Taiwan Army. More than 10 stolen bullets belonged to the T-91 combat rifle. Because the ammunition theft happened before Cai Yings inspection, the Taiwanese army feared that it would cancel Cai Yings trip because of Vian and hide it. Until Cai arrived, it could not find the stolen ammunition, but still held the drill as usual. During the drill, there were about hundreds of fully armed officers and soldiers. Although there was no live ammunition in the photo taken, the nearest distance to Cai Ying was only a dozen meters. The Taiwan security department was also frightened by a cold sweat afterwards. Taiwan media said that in case of an accident, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Reported that the whole incident did not return to Taiwans security department until after the end of Cai Yings inspection trip. Later, the stolen bullets and magazines were found in a storage room because an officer surnamed Liao was on the rise and wanted to take things back as a souvenir. It is said that the officer has been punished and removed from the leadership position.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Cai Yingwen also put forward the so-called three resoluteness during his 15-day inspection to firmly safeguard Taiwans sovereignty, lifestyle and the direction of strengthening Taiwan. She also encouraged the Taiwanese Army to say, The most sophisticated weapons still depend on excellent manpower as the core driving force. Now its said that its a real face-to-face thing.

It is worth mentioning that in July last year, a picture of gun pointing at Cai Ying became popular at the Taiwanese Military Academy. In the photo, the Taiwanese Army Commander awarded a recruit a rifle symbolizing the responsibility and mission of the soldiers, and the muzzle of the rifle was pointed at a distant position with a picture of Cai Ying on it.

Photos of Gun Aiming at Cai Ying (Photo Source: Taiwan Media)

For this incident, many green media in the island reported that the safety system is rusty and malfunctioning! Its worse than ringing the bell!

Inside the island netizens have also left messages saying, Who can act for heaven, I will worship him all my life, the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked, from top to bottom all this virtue, either to create antagonism and infighting, or to cover up and deceive the public.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: He Yufang_NN5632