Artist Palm Tai officials besieged by Green Camp and Blue Camp: First apologize to Ma Ying-jeou

 Artist Palm Tai officials besieged by Green Camp and Blue Camp: First apologize to Ma Ying-jeou

Taiwan veteran artist Zheng Huizhong held a press conference to apologize to Zheng Lijun. (Photo Source: Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)

Taiwans Culture Minister Zheng Lijun was slapped by Taiwans veteran artist Zheng Huizhong yesterday (22). Former Executive President Lai Chingde, Vice President Chen Qimai, and Minister of Interior Xu Guoyong all supported Facebook, emphasizing that dialogue and violence should not be tolerated. In this regard, KMT Taipei City Councillor Luo Zhiqiang said that he could not accept violence, but before the DPP condemns it, please apologize to Ma Ying-jeou, because Cai Ying-jeou did not condemn the perpetrators and blamed Ma Ying-jeou for the violence.

Luo Zhiqiang said on Facebook that he also does not agree with violence. No matter how different ideologies are, we should not treat each other violently. But, he said, What is the attitude of the whole party when the DPP slaps people in the face? Where was the DPP when Qiu Yiying slapped Li Qinghua and Guan Biling slapped Hong Xiuzhu?

More importantly, Luo pointed out that Cai Yingqiang, Ma Yingjiu, was attacked by the violence of throwing books and shoes during his term of office. Cai Yingjiu not only condemned, but also visited the choking horse group and criticized Ma Yingjiu and asked him to ask others to be tolerant, and he should know more about tolerance. He stressed that he criticized Cais practice at that time, which was tantamount to encouraging violence against the leaders of Taiwan in disguise. Since then, the leaders have no peace, because every pair of shoes and books thrown to the leaders has been given legitimacy by Cai himself.

Luo Zhiqiang also emphasized that even myself, in 2013, before the local procuratorate wasanti-horsepeople balked. He said, Did anyone from the Democratic Progressive Party come out and say a word of condemnation at that time?

He said that he did not agree with the slap on Zheng Lijun, but whether the DPP would ask Cai Yingjiu to apologize to Ma Yingjiu before condemning him, apologizing that she not only had the courage to stand up and condemn the perpetrators, but also gave Ma Yingjiu the blame for not tolerating, indirectly encouraging the masses to violence against Ma Yingjiu.

Source of this article: Author of Taiwan Net of China: Jia Ruolans Responsible Editor: He Yufang_NN5632