In 2018, more than 42,000 military cadres and 400,000 retired soldiers were resettled.

 In 2018, more than 42,000 military cadres and 400,000 retired soldiers were resettled.

Wang Zhiming, Director of General Office and Spokesperson of the Department of Veterans Affairs

CCTV News: On January 23, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference. Director of the General Office of the Department of Retired Military Affairs and spokesman Wang Zhiming introduced the work situation of the Department in 2018 and related work arrangements in 2019, and answered reportersquestions. Wang Zhiming said that the past 2018 was an unusual year for veterans to work in history. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and with the support of the relevant military and civilian departments, the work has started smoothly and progressed in an orderly manner, and achieved remarkable results. There are mainly the following aspects:

First, the construction of the work system is progressing smoothly. The Ministry of Veterans Affairs was officially established on April 16, 2018. By the end of 2018, 31 provincial retired servicemens offices (bureaus) in 31 provinces (districts and municipalities) had been listed. Organizations under the cities and counties had been set up according to plan. Five-level service organizations in provinces, cities and counties had been set up in some provinces, and the working system was gradually established.

Second, the formulation of policies and regulations has been speedily promoted. In conjunction with relevant departments, documents have been issued on the transfer and management of Party membersorganizations, the placement of retired soldiers, the combination of service performance and placement, the employment and Entrepreneurship of retired soldiers, the improvement of pension and subsidy standards, the hanging of honor cards and the collection of information on retired soldiers. Documents on resettlement management of retired military cadres and retired sergeants and protection of memorial facilities for martyrs abroad will be published soon. Documents such as the Law on the Guarantee of Retired Soldiers and the Opinions on Strengthening the Work of Retired Soldiers in the New Era have been drafted and are being perfected.

Third, ideological and political work should be carried out in depth. We will vigorously publicize the Party Central Committees great attention to the work of veterans and its concern for the vast number of veterans. In conjunction with the Central Propaganda Department, we will carry out the most American veterans learning and publicity activities, open the official website of the Ministry, and strengthen communication and cooperation with the media. Organize visits and condolences, give assistance to veterans with difficulties in life, and solve practical difficulties.

Fourth, the effective implementation of the annual resettlement task. We will implement the placement of 82,000 military cadres, more than 400,000 retired soldiers, 2,400 demobilized cadres, more than 9,000 retired cadres and retired sergeants. Improve the resettlement methods, implement sunshine resettlement and expand the channels of resettlement. For the first time, 123 central enterprises have been fully covered in the annual retired soldier resettlement units, providing more than 15,000 posts. Support the employment and Entrepreneurship of retired servicemen, and promote the formulation of preferential tax policies and public welfare post security policies.

Fifth, the level of service security has been continuously improved. We will implement all kinds of treatment for self-employed military-to-military cadres and retired military cadres, and advance the time for bidding priority recipients from October 1 to August 1, with an average increase of 10%. Information collection for suspended honor cards, veterans and other caregivers will be carried out in an all-round way. We will carry out a series of publicity and education activities, such as advocating heroes and devoting themselves to the country and remembering meritorious deeds and honoring heroes, to strengthen the protection and management of memorial facilities for martyrs abroad.

Sixth, the work of safeguarding rights and interests is solid and effective. We should do a good job in handling visits and letters, open online channels for letters and visits, strengthen supervision over handling letters and visits, urge local governments to implement policies and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of veterans in accordance with the law.

At the same time, the construction of the ministries and organs themselves has been steadily promoted. We have always put political construction in the first place, strengthened the overall leadership of the Party, resolutely implemented the central deployment, paid attention to improving the style of work of the organs, perfected rules and regulations, and selected and strengthened cadres to provide a strong organizational guarantee for the development of the work of veterans. Wang Zhiming said that in the new year, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs will conscientiously implement the central deployment, take deepening reform as the driving force, take the construction of a scientific and standardized organizational management system, work operation system and policy system as the main line, adhere to the work concept of veterans as the center, strengthen top-level design in the long run, solve outstanding problems based on the current situation, and never forget the original intention, remember the mission and system. Dedicated to reform and create a new situation for the work of veterans.

Source: He Yufang_NN5632, responsible editor of CCTV Network