Comments on Parents: How can I care about current affairs?

 Comments on Parents: How can I care about current affairs?

For pupils, these two topics are quite difficult. As a result, many parents are more anxious than their children. Its hard not to say that now pupils have to write argumentative essays.

In this regard, the front-line language teachers believe that the topic is good, not only can train childrens thinking ability, but also reduce the living space of routine composition, in line with the trend of language teaching reform. If you want to really write well, you need to pay more attention to current affairs.

There are also parents who say, Usually, children dont even have time to watch TV or listen to the radio, but the exams are out of date, so they dont let people live?

Children who often communicate with their parents about current affairs

This time writing takes advantage of cheap

Every year in the final exam, the topic of composition is always painted by parents in the circle of friends. Some netizens joked that in an exam, only the parents could understand the composition topic.

This years two composition topics brush screen, look like the requirements of fifty-six grade pupils to write argumentative papers, a little difficult. It can be seen that the parents who brush the screen are really anxious. A full score of 30 points in a composition, if the child can not write well, or can not write out, the language score is worrying. It is no wonder that parents are anxious about whether the grades of fifth and sixth grade are good or bad, which is also related to elementary school entrance to private junior middle school.

These two composition questions are really different from those that we usually practice. Its difficult because its strange. One parent said that the children were busy at ordinary times, and all kinds of interest classes were full. There was not much time to communicate with their parents after school, let alone to know current affairs through television, newspapers and the Internet.

What happened in society must be unknown to my family. He doesnt read newspapers, watch TV, use computers and Ipads very often, and we dont usually talk to him about these things. If the teacher in the school does not speak, he must be confused and can only play on the spot. A father told Qian Bao reporter.

There are many parents who hold this view. Their children do not listen to things outside the window, but only read books of sages. Its no problem for you to write your composition in the examination room according to the usual routine. This time, some of you will surely suffer.

Of course, there are also parents who feel they are taking advantage of it. A father surnamed Wang in Hangzhou said that after the Chongqing bus crash, he had discussed with his son, Our time is very tight, and we usually talk about current affairs with our children at dinner. I told him about some of the hottest things that happened recently, and then we talked about our opinions together.

Dad Wang said that he read an article titled Publication of bus crash incident, please tell your children, these four points are very important. At that time, I thought I should share with my son. Many of the contents in the article were related to the education of children, such as rule awareness, emotional control, etc. At that time, my son agreed with me very much and said some of his own ideas.

Sure enough, after the exam that day, the son came home and said to his father the first time, Thanks to your detailed description of this matter to me, this composition was written very smoothly and smoothly.

Relying on a few model essays set all over the world

Its silly to encounter such a composition question.

The reporter inquired that the author of the composition Chongqing Bus Fall in the River was a senior teacher and researcher in Hangzhou, who had many years of experience in the topic. The teacher and researcher said that the composition topic did break through the routine, but did not exceed the outline. There are such examples in the textbook, such as what parents do, which one do you agree with; what things in life give you any inspiration, you need students to think dialectically and put forward their own views, so we designed such a topic.

Some Chinese teachers in Hangzhou think that this kind of writing topic is very good, because it is topic nature, each student has something to say, has his own point of view to express. A Chinese teacher said, Fifth grade children have their own ideas, have their own views on what happens in society, and let them learn how to express themselves. This composition topic can achieve such a goal.

Of course, it is not easy to write such a composition topic, because childrens life experience is relatively single, basically three-point-line, schools, families and training courses. A Chinese teacher said that children can only write stories in their own lives, such as what happens between classmates. Perhaps the stories written by each student will be the same.

But compared with the routine composition questions, this composition topic can at least enable students to express their ideas. Nowadays, when students write essays, they are easy to set questions, falsehoods and platitudes, but the expression of their views should be true and speak their own words.

The topic of the sixth grade writing rule is actually a topic composition, not an argumentative thesis. A senior Chinese teacher in Hangzhou said that there was no concept of argumentation in composition in primary school, and junior high school students were required to write argumentative essays.

For such dialectical topics, students can write about things in reality or imagination. Although its not argumentative, theres already some shadow of argumentative thesis. Students need to express their views and write stories. Its better to write one thing that impresses them most.

The key to writing a composition for pupils is to tell stories, which should be true and vivid. The Chinese teacher said that many students feel that there is nothing to write, the key is that they do not have enough experience. This requires parents to pay more, to take their children out more, see more, participate in social activities, can also let children pay attention to social current events, exchange and discuss together, this is also a good experience.

Nowadays, many out-of-school composition training classes teach children some exam-oriented routines, thinking that preparing a few model essays will help them tosetall the writing topics in the world. Senior Chinese teacher of a public elementary school in Hangzhou told Qian Bao that it is a good thing to have such flexible composition questions in the final exam, The trend of Chinese teaching reform is to demand new and wider coverage.

Source: Liable Editor of Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675