Two women fight for seats in the waiting room: slap each others face and slap their hair

 Two women fight for seats in the waiting room: slap each others face and slap their hair

Slip each other, stump your hair... You cant pull it! The two women fought each other in the waiting room of Harbin Railway Station (Source:)

Recently, in the waiting room of Harbin Railway Station, two female passengers were sentenced to administrative detention by the railway public security organs because of disputes over seats and physical conflicts. The two female passengers had to go to the detention center for a minor matter.

Reporters learned that at about 16:00 on January 19, during the patrol of the police station on duty in the waiting hall of Harbin Station, many passengers were found gathering at the waiting seats in the direction of the 4-5 ticket gate. At the same time, they could hear the voice of shouting. The police on duty quickly went out to the police to find out the situation in that direction.

After arriving at the scene, the police found two women fighting with each other. The police immediately stopped them. After separating the two men, they were still very excited and continued to blame each other. The police should take the two men to the police duty room for further investigation.

Upon enquiry, the two passengers were strangers. One of them, Gao, 45, was from Hefei, Anhui Province. His hometown was Jiamusi. He was going to take the D7823 train to Jiamusi. The other, Zhang, 30, from Longjiang County, Heilongjiang Province, was going to take the K7073 train to Longjiang.

Railway police visited other waiting passengers in the waiting room to learn that the passengers who witnessed the incident confirmed to the police that the trigger of the two mens mutual action was to compete for a seat.

According to the Harbin Railway Police, the two violators were detained for 3 days by the Harbin Railway Public Security Department according to law.

Hatie police prompted:

During the Spring Festival, there are more passengers waiting room, inevitably there will be collision, crowding phenomenon, more tolerance, modesty, do not be impulsive, do not know regret after breaking the law.

Reporters learned from the Hatie police that the police had made statistics on the cost of war: slight injury caused by detention from 5 to 15 days + 500 yuan to 1000 yuan fine + medical expenses, missed work expenses and other economic compensation; slight injury caused by less than three years of fixed-term imprisonment, detention or control + economic compensation; serious injury caused by more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment or death penalty + economic compensation. Additional emotional depression + damaged reputation image + public security organscriminal record misdeeds + family and friends worries, family damage + endless regret.

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