A former village director in Shaanxi was sentenced to 11 yearsimprisonment: 900,000 bribes were spent on returning villagers

 A former village director in Shaanxi was sentenced to 11 yearsimprisonment: 900,000 bribes were spent on returning villagers

The Baqiao District Court in Xian concluded the first criminal case involving evil forces. Visual Chinese Map

In order to force the project, the director of the village committee gathered people for many times to fight and provoke trouble, forming a vicious group. On the 22nd, the Baqiao District Court of Xian issued a public verdict. The former village director was sentenced to 11 yearsimprisonment and the remaining 11 defendants were sentenced separately. This is the first criminal case involving evil forces that the Baqiao District Court has tried since the special struggle against crime was launched.

Spend 900,000 bribes to become village director

At the time of the incident, the 32-year-old defendant, Wang Mou, was the head of Zhangjiaxie Village Committee in Huaxu Town, Lantian County.

According to the indictment of the public prosecution organ, in 2012, Wang forced six former team leaders of Zhangjiaxie village to resign by beating and intimidating, and Queen Wang won the post of team leader. In 2015, Wang was elected village director through bribery election manipulation. After Wang Mou was elected village team leader in 2012, many people, such as the defendant Zhang Mou, were brought to his side and listened to his dispatch. Zhang Mou and others were managed by means of wages, project allocation and helping elected village cadres to control the grass-roots political power. Wang also employs a large number of social idle personnel, through gathering people to fight, provoke trouble and other criminal means to achieve the purpose of seizing illegal profits from the project, forming a criminal group of evil forces, Wang is at the core of the criminal group of evil forces.

The six group leaders who were forced to resign said that from 2009 to 2012, he served as the six group leaders of Zhangjiaxie Village. During his term of office, Wang Mou asked him to be the group leader and let him stop being the group leader. Wang Mou also let his compatriots go to the town government to complain that they had embezzled the land compensation, and even one night two guys beat him up. He resigned helplessly. Wang Mou later became the group leader.

According to the reporter of China Business Daily, in April 2015, during the election of Zhangjiaxie Village Committee, Wang Mou let Zhang and others canvass for their votes, manipulated the election by giving gifts to villagers, inviting them to eat and other improper means, and was elected village committee director. Wang himself confessed that when he ran for the head of the village committee in 2015, he spent about 900,000 yuan by inviting villagers to eat, smoking, oil and giving competitors money to quit.

Around 100 people were organized to fight for construction rights

The procuratorial organs allege that in 2012, a construction site in Huaxu Town, Lantian County was constructed on the land of Zhangjiaxie Village, led by Zhang Moufei and Zhang Mouchi brothers in Zhangjiaxie Village. But Wang wanted to undertake the construction of the site. On the morning of April 13, the same year, Wangs younger brother drove a taxi to block the road to the site, which led to the deterioration of the relationship between Zhang and Wang, and the two sides agreed to fight at night by telephone. At 10:00 pm on April 13, Zhang Moufei brothers led about 50 people to Wang Moufeis house wearing white gloves and sticks. Wang Mou led about 20 people, such as Feng Mou, and took shovels, sticks and other tools to confront Zhang Moufei and others.

During the confrontation between the two sides, Wang asked his brother for the key to the taxi and let Feng Mou drive against each other. Feng Mou drove a taxi to increase the throttle impact on Zhang Moufeis side of the personnel, Zhang Moufeis side of the people hit back with stones. At this time, Wang Mou contacted nearly 100 social idlers through others, and took more than 30 taxis to the scene. However, because Zhang Moufei and others had fled, Wang Mou led them to show off their force around the village and paid 200 yuan to each of them for hard work.

In 2016, Wang Mou handed over a project to Zhang Mou. On May 24 of the same year, Zhang Mouhou, a villager in Zhangjiaxie village, arrived at the construction site to stop the construction. Wang arranged for more than ten people, such as Zhang Mouzhao, to injure Zhang Mouhou. Zhang Mouhou has been petitioning since he was beaten. In order to mitigate Zhang Mouchaos criminal punishment, Wang used threats to force two companies to pay compensation of 220,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively.

In mid-November 2016, Wang arranged and organized many people to go to a project repeatedly to obstruct construction. He also arranged for Zhang to buy wreaths and white cloth and send nine wreaths to the construction site, thus forcing the original undertaking company to withdraw. In August 2017, Wang took over the project site.

In April 2018, Wang Mou was disqualified for re-election as village director because of mass reports. On September 3, Wang Mou was detained by the Baqiao Branch of the Public Security Bureau on suspicion of gathering people to fight.

Twelve people were sentenced for forming a vicious Gang

The Baqiao District Court held that the defendant Wang Mou gathered nearly 100 defendants, such as Zhang Mouhe, Zhang Mou, Wang Mou, Feng Mou, and so on, and gathered many people with Zhang Moufei and Zhang Mouchi to fight, seriously disrupting social order and having a bad social impact, all of which constituted the crime of gathering people to fight; Wang Mou gathered Zhang Mouhou to injure him slightly, the plot was bad, forcibly demanding other peoples property, and the plot was serious. Wang also sought private benefits for the project, gathered many defendants to kneel down, lay wreaths and other means to stir up trouble, blocking the normal construction of the project, all constitute the crime of provoking trouble.

In the first instance, the court sentenced the defendant Wang Mou to 11 yearsimprisonment, depriving him of political rights for 2 years and fining him 200,000 yuan. The other 11 defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from five years to two years and six months, respectively.

Source: Qiao Jing_N6607, Responsible Editor of China Business Network-China Business Daily