Realistic version of What is Page: granddaughter wants to eat sweet potatoes Grandpa carries rubber cylinder for 20 miles

 Realistic version of What is Page: granddaughter wants to eat sweet potatoes Grandpa carries rubber cylinder for 20 miles

My grandparents are also people who are willing to try their best to change Page for me. Recently, Liu Ling, a sister in Chongqing, experienced a realistic version of Whats Page. Because she inadvertently revealed her wish to eat sweet potatoes for the New Year. Her 74-year-old grandfather walked more than 20 miles on the mountain road and carried back more than 20 kilograms of rubber cylinders...


In the short film, Li Yubao, the old man left behind, called his son in the countryside. The grandson said to his grandfather that the New Year gift he wanted was Peggy, because the signal was not good. Before Grandpa could ask What is Peggy, the phone broke off.

In a few days, Liu Ling and her father will return to a small village in Tuxiang Town, Fengjie, where her grandparents live.

Last fall, Liu Ling called her 66-year-old grandmother. She complained to her grandmother about the unpalatable food at school. She said that it would be better if she could eat the sweet potatoes baked by her grandmother in New Years Day. Liu Ling told reporters that after coming out to school, only winter vacation can return to Grandmas home, and last years New Year did not eat baked sweet potatoes. I thought grandparents felt that it was most important to prepare big fish and meat for the New Year, so they did not keep sweet potatoes. Later, they knew that it was limited by the season.

In January this year, Liu Ling received a photo from his uncle showing Grandma putting a jar full of sweet potatoes in the living room. My uncle told her, Your grandmother told me to tell you that sweet potatoes are well preserved and will be eaten during the New Year.


In order to find the answer in the short film, Li Yubao traveled all over the village to ask, go to the village radio, go to the small shop to find the answer, and find the daughter-in-law of the three old nannies in the city, finally know what is Page, but where can Page sell?

Reality version Liu Ling asked his uncle carefully before he knew the twists and turns. It turned out that when Grandma answered the phone, she became anxious: the winter weather was cold, the sweet potatoes could not be preserved, and they would go bad after a few days.

How can sweet potatoes survive? Grandma began to inquire about the village. Some people say that the storage cellar, but also some people say that the cellar temperature control is not good sweet potatoes will rot; others say that sliced sweet potato dried preservation, but how to make baked sweet potatoes dried sweet potatoes... Finally, Grandma found a native who had successfully stored sweet potatoes in winter. The villagers told Grandma that as long as she found a rubber cylinder, put sweet potatoes and leaves into the cylinder and stored in a warm room, sweet potatoes could be stored for a long time.

The way was found. Grandma was very happy. But new problems have arisen. There are no rubber cylinders at home and no place to buy them in the village.


Li Yubao, under the guidance of his third wife, used a lot of time and energy, such as electric welding and blowers, to create a piggy page and paint it in pink.

Liu Lings grandfather is 74 years old. He immediately invites him to buy one of them in the street. Liu Ling said that Grandpa and Grandpas family were more than 10 miles away from the street on the rugged mountain road. Although Grandpas body was still strong, in his early years, when he was repairing the mountain road in the village, his right eye was blinded after being hit by a stone. As he grew older, he seldom went out of the village.

Uncle revealed that Grandpa walked more than 10 miles on the mountain road and spent a long time on the street. He finally purchased a rubber cylinder weighing more than 20 kilograms. Then he carried it and walked home more than 10 miles on the mountain road. I cant imagine how Grandpa carried such a heavy rubber cylinder and walked such a long mountain road... Liu Lings voice choked when he said this. She said that when she learned about it, she was both heartbroken and moved, and wanted to fly back to her grandparents and give them a hug.

My uncle said that once the rubber jar filled with sweet potatoes was set up, Grandma would change the leaves in the jar every week and protect it as a treasure. Yesterday, the reporter contacted Liu Lings grandmother. Grandma kept saying nothing about it. She said that her granddaughter worked hard, and her grandfather and she were too old to help. It was nothing to satisfy her granddaughters small wish to eat sweet potatoes. My grandfather and I were counting days every day, expecting her to come home early.

Whats Page is on every day

What is WiFi?

Xie Huaping, 41, lives in Shenzhen with three family members. A few years ago, Xie Huaping received his fathers invitation to celebrate the New Year in Shenzhen. This year, because of the invitation of some relatives in his hometown, they decided to return to Jiangjin for the New Year. My son Dongdong complained when he called his 67-year-old grandfather at the end of last year: Grandpa, you dont have Wifi in your house. How do you want me to play with my mobile phone? Xie Huaping slapped Dongdong when he heard the words and scolded him for being ignorant.

But a few days ago, my grandfather, who never knew what is wifi, called and said that both the roof net and WiFi were available. I went to ask Uncle Lis son to help me find someone to get it. Grandpa also asked someone to take a picture of the networking equipment and sent it to Xie Huaping.

Corn corn

Li Nannan, a junior at Pais College of Chongqing University of Industry and Commerce, returned to her home in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, on her winter vacation the other day. As soon as she pushed the door open, she met her 70-year-old grandmother and smelled the strong fragrance of corn dumplings. Li Nannan said that Grandmas home is more than two hours away from here by long-distance bus. Last time you said that Chongqing cant eat corn dumplings in your hometown, I knew you got home today, so I would catch a bus with your grandfather. First, Ill go to your house and do it well and wait for you to come back to eat it.

Li Nannan said that when eating corn dumplings that day, tears almost came out.

New Years celebrations for those who accompany Cheap Page

In fact, there are always people around us who silently change Page for us. Its just that Page has come to reality. It could be a baked sweet potato, a bowl of hot soup, or a sweater... No matter what changes it may have, one thing will not change - its creator is the loved ones around us who love us silently.

The Spring Festival is approaching, lets also meet the carefully wishes of our relatives who are willing to become Page for us. No matter in the north, in the south, in the mountains and rivers, lets go home and reunite with our relatives. Accompaniment is the best response to this love!

Source of this article: responsible editor of Chongqing Evening News: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675