Men who plan to attack women are still virgins because they are under 27

 Men who plan to attack women are still virgins because they are under 27

According to the Daily Mail, a man from Colorado, USA, plans to launch a large-scale attack during the Utah Womens Parade because of the womens refusal to express their deep discontent and wait for an opportunity to vent their anger. However, he posted his plan online and the police caught it one step at a time.

On Sunday, Clary, 27, was arrested at a McDonalds in Provo, Utah. He once wrote on social media: All I want is a girlfriend, not 1,000, not money, not all of this. All I want is to be loved, but no one cares about me.

Im 27 years old, Ive never had a girlfriend, and Im still a virgin. Thats why I plan to shoot in public soon and become the next mass shooter, because Im ready to die and all the girls who refuse me will be rewarded. Ill achieve this goal by killing as many girls as possible, he said.

Clary lives in Denver, Colorado, and rents an apartment in Provo. It was not clear whether he had weapons when he was arrested, but according to documents, Clary had been planning an attack on a womens parade in the town and nearby Salt Lake City.

The police officer who arrested him wrote in the police report: I specifically asked him about the threats he had made in the social media. He admitted that he had made threats, but claimed that he was upset and did not think clearly when he did so.

After being detained, Clary told the police that he had suicidal tendencies and had thought of handcuffing himself to death in a tree in a remote area, where no one could hear his screams.

Currently, Clary is still in prison in Utah. He may be extradited to Colorado for parole violations because he was previously suspended on suspicion of tracking and harassing a woman. Now, he faces felony charges against the threat of terrorism.

Source: Cover News - Author of West China Metropolitan Daily: Yan Leis Responsible Editor: He Yufang_NN5632