Hao La Zhuan was hit by word-of-mouth Waterloo in response to being hit by a star.

 Hao La Zhuan was hit by word-of-mouth Waterloo in response to being hit by a star.

On January 21 and 22, the producer Yu Zheng sent two long microblog posts in response to the Biography of Haolan was criticized by one star, and supported Wu Jingyans acting skills.

On the evening of January 21, Yu is publishing a long article through micro-blog to support Wu Jingyan. In view of the fact that Wu Jingyans role did not cry at the moment when his mother was thrown into the well, netizens criticized his facial paralysis acting skills. Yu Zheng defended his followers by saying, When people suddenly encounter sudden emergencies, their brains are too late and unwilling to accept such a message. There is no way to react more than to protest. He also said that Wu Jingyans watch in Hao La Zhuan There are many faults in the performance, which are related to experience and experience, but compared with the Yanxi Strategy, it has made much progress. Finally, Yu Zhengsheng said that he did not care about Heiwus words, but cared about the misinterpretation of performance, and called for respect for the performance industry.

On Jan. 22, Yu is updating his microblog again in response to the crazy hit of the new drama Hao Lan Zhuan, saying frankly that the fire can make the star fire, but it can not change the fate of one star. I found that no matter how hard I tried, I couldnt change the fate of hundreds of stars running away in three minutes of the start of the play, Yanxi Strategy was the same, and so was Hao Lan Zhuan. I thought Yanxi could change the fate of one star, but Hao La Zhuan still made me realize my fate soberly. I could let the fire rage, the star fire, even the fire in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, but let the broadcast one star change into five stars-- Concubine is still unable to do it, can not do it.

After that, Yu Zheng also said, Where is the problem? I think it through today, its my own! Audiences are never wrong, but directors, writers and actors are all wrong. Scoring is the right of the audience... You cant change everyone, you can only change yourself... The only plea is to continue scolding and criticizing a star, but after scolding him for ten sentences, leave a sentence about what is wrong with the play and what needs to be improved in the end.

Source of this article: Beiqing Net - Beijing Youth Daily Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322