Three years later, Russia developed the new airborne launch vehicle technology of Il 76

 Three years later, Russia developed the new airborne launch vehicle technology of Il 76

Reference News Network reported on January 23, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency website reported on January 21 that Vladimir Jaeggeri, general manager and general designer of the Markev National Rocket Design Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Russian media that Russia planned to test air launch technology in another three years.

Reported that air launch technology refers to the launch of a carrier rocket from flying air equipment, such as aircraft or airships.

Jaeggeri said that the Russian side currently plans to build the design and development project of the integrated aero-rocket system on the platform of the Il-76 large transport aircraft. Practical testing is expected to begin in three years.

The research and development of the integrated air-launched rocket system project will be funded in accordance with the principle of Russias state-owned and private cooperation, thus establishing an air-launched aerospace company.

Unlike ground launches, Jaggery explained, launch vehicles use aircraft power to cross dense atmospheres and achieve great initial velocities.

DATA PICTURE: Ill-76 air-launched ballistic missile schematic map circulating on the network. (Pictures come from the Internet)

DATA PICTURE: The schematic diagram of the small airborne spacecraft Il-76. (Pictures come from the Internet)

Aerial launches provide greater flexibility for regional selection, even near the equator, said Jaggery. In addition, rockets are able to put satellites into orbit faster at predetermined points.

Jaggery concluded that using air launch technology does not require expensive launching systems.

From the perspective of the development of civil space technology, air launch vehicle technology can effectively offset the limitations of latitude location and ground facilities facing ground launch, and provide more flexible space launch schemes for countries with imperfect space technology system and limited territory (such as Korea, Israel, etc.). From the point of view of military application, if launch vehicle can launch on space-based platform, long-range and intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles with the same carrier and operation principle as launch vehicle can also explore the mode of air launch. This may open up a new path for the application of ballistic missile technology. (Compiler/Vernon)

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