The whereabouts of the 14-year-old son of a man sentenced to death by a trafficker remain unknown

 The whereabouts of the 14-year-old son of a man sentenced to death by a trafficker remain unknown

Every time he goes out to find his son, Shen Junliang does not have high requirements for the hotel, as long as he can put down the heavy bag of announcements for finding people. On January 4, 2005, Shen Junliangs son, who was about to turn one year old, was lost. Zhou Rongping and Chen Shoubi, neighbours of the rented land, stole the child with others. One of the suspects also involved in several other cases of abduction and trafficking.

Fourteen years later, Shen Junliangs life completely changed direction. He quit his job as a factory executive and embarked on the road of finding a son. During this period, Shen Junliang and his wife had two more children, but the birth of a new life was not enough to ease the pain. As soon as the two children learned to speak, Shen Junliang taught them to memorize their address, telephone number and how to call for help in case of danger.

In April 2016, five suspects, including Zhou Rongping and Chen Shoubi, were arrested one after another. On December 28, 2018, the Guangzhou Intermediate Court sentenced Zhou Rongping and Zhang Weiping to death at first instance, Yang Chaoping and Liu Zhenghong to life imprisonment and Chen Shoubi to 10 yearsimprisonment.

However, the legal sanctions did not bring about the appearance of sons. Shen Junliang was caught in a conflict. He wanted to find a job. After many years of searching for a son, he had owed more than 400,000 foreign debts. He felt that he owed too much to his family. But Shen Junliang also wants to continue to find out, thinking that only in this way can he prove that he is a qualified father.

Simulated portrait of Shen Congs present appearance

Next door is the trafficker.

Yu Xiaoli always remembers the time when she was suffocated. Her eyes and mouth were suddenly covered. A smell like medicine and wine spread out. She couldnt open her eyes and speak.

It was January 4, 2005, when her husband Shen Junliang went to work and Yu Xiaoli cooked in a rental house in Zengcheng, Guangdong Province. The intruder was two men, one controlling her, the other saying in Mandarin: Shut up your mouth! Tie up, tie up.

The man sealed Yu Xiaolis mouth with transparent tape, wrapped around her head several times, put on a blue plastic bag, and tied her hands back. After about ten minutes, when Yu Xiaoli broke away, she found that her son Shen Cong, who was about to turn one year old, had disappeared.

When Shen Junliang rushed home, he was very distressed to see his wife. Yu Xiaoli still couldnt open her eyes and shouted loudly when she spoke. Before the accident, the husband and wife were discussing, bustling to give their son a one-year-old banquet, that must be put on several tables, happy.

A few days before the incident, Zhou Rongping and Chen Shoubi, who lived in Liangjia of Shenjun, moved away. After that, the police determined that they were one of the suspects who robbed Shen Cong.

Zhou and Chen only rented here for about 20 days. Shen Junliang hardly communicated with them, but his wife sometimes met in the corridor and would say hello.

However, the good memories of Shen Jun after the event, in fact, there are early signs. Neighbors with diagonal doors always sleep during the day and go out at night. Once, Yu Xiaoli couldnt find her child at home. She shouted a few times and nobody responded. Then she looked for the childs voice and found the child in their room. Its about getting cookies for the children.

After the disappearance of Zhou and Chen, tenants in the building said they had seen them and two men lingering on the nearby grassland the day before the crime.

Shen Congs Childhood Photos

Father on the Way to Find His Son

After reporting the case, Shen Junliang embarked on the road of seeking his son.

The day after Shen Cong was robbed, Shen Junliang did not go to work again. The boss understands his situation, keeps his position and pays him as usual. Shen Junliang felt indebted to the company and later quit his job.

Most of Shen Junliang stayed in a small hotel for twenty or thirty yuan on the way to Zizi. The room was small and humid. But for Shen Junliang, its enough. He just wants to find a place where he can put down the revelation, full of a big bag, very heavy. Every time Shen Junliang took a small stack of people-seeking announcements out to distribute and post them, and came back to fetch new ones. In the evening, he returned to the hotel to make a bowl of instant noodles to satisfy his hunger, and went to bed.

When Shen Cong was abducted, Shen Junliang heard that Zhou and Chen might have gone to Zhuhai. They had told Yu Xiaoli that they had only two daughters and no sons. Shen Junliang thought that they had taken Shen Cong back to raise him.

I didnt think Zhuhai was very old at that time, so I could get the children back soon. During that period, Shen Junliang was even more crazy and spent every day printing and distributing announcements to find people. At night, he was sleeping in the corner of the wall for a while, waking up and going on.

When Shen Junliang was walking on the road, suddenly several people surrounded him, pushed him against his abdomen with a knife and pushed him into the corner of the wall, asking if he could borrow his mobile phone.

I explained to them that I was looking for a child, and that my mobile phone number was on the notice, and that if my mobile phone was taken away, people would not be able to contact me. But Shen Junliang failed to get sympathy from the other side. His mobile phone and ring were stolen and 600 yuan was taken away.

At the beginning of 2005, Shenjun had a good hand of 560,000 savings. After three years of searching for his son, he not only spent all his savings, but also owed hundreds of thousands of foreign debts. At the end of 2008, Shen Junliang returned to his hometown in Henan and sold all the houses and cars he had bought before.

A friend who runs a furniture factory wanted him to be the director of the factory. Shen Junliang refused the position and wanted to drive for the factory. Shen Junliang explained that he was not good at furniture and did not have free time to do management work. Drive freely and dont delay finding children.

At one time, Shen Junliang was the envy of everyone. His family knew that he was doing well in the south. Before the injection molding, the most critical part of the factory is my department, we are the leading department. His former colleagues in his position are now millions of people. There are also young people who used to work in factories. Now they have set up their own businesses. Many of them come out on their own, and I seldom contact them now.

Shen Junliangs Personnel-Seeking Advice

Hope is the biggest trap

In March 2016, Zhou Rongping, Chen Shoubi and other suspects were arrested and brought to justice. Among them, Zhang Weiping participated in the abduction and sale of nine children. In Shen Congs case, he acted as a trading intermediary and sold the children elsewhere.

After the traffickers fell into the net, Shen Junliang thought he would receive good news from his children soon. He bought many schoolbags and clothes for Shen Cong. After Shen Cong was abducted, his wife gave birth to two more boys. Shen Junliang also feared that there would be a gap between the children. What if the two boys in the family dont play with him?

Shen Junliang also thought about how to bring the children back. He wanted to drive in person to facilitate the childrens eating, drinking and rest. Shen Junliang borrowed a car and parked downstairs, waiting for a phone call from the police.

More than a dozen days later, there has been no news of the children.

Shen Junliang couldnt sit still. He set off for Guangzhou again. Zhang Weiping had previously admitted that his children had been sold to Zengcheng District. Shen Junliang continued to look for them here, or by posting peoples announcements. But later, the police found that Zhang Weipings confession was lying, and he re-admitted that the child had been sold to Zijin County.

In the summer of 2017, some people gave Shen Junliang clues. A child in Zijin County is very similar to Shen Cong. He not only looks like Shen Cong, but also matches his age and time when he comes back. Shen Junliang immediately drove over, and he watched across the street from the family for two days. The children came in and out, The more they looked, the more they felt like it!

Shen Junliang was caught in a contradiction. He saw that the familys children had a good living condition and there was a piano in the room. My son should live in such an environment. He began to worry again about whether his son really came back and could join his family.

Shen Junliang finally contacted the police. DNA detection showed that the child was not Shen Cong.

After Zhang Weipings arrest, he explained that nine cases of abduction and trafficking of children were completed through an intermediary named Aunt Mei. In mid-June 2017, Zengcheng District Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau issued a notice to collect clues to the society, and made public the simulated portrait of Aunt Mei.

Her real name is unknown. She is about 65 years old and 1.5 meters tall. She speaks Cantonese and Hakka. She has been active in Zengcheng and Shaoguan Xinfeng for a long time. In addition, there is no more effective information.

The policeman who handled the case once took Zhang Weiping to find the ex-boyfriend of Aunt Mei in Zijin County. The man surnamed Peng said he had been in contact with a 50-year-old woman 12 years ago and had not been in contact six years ago. According to her claim, the womans name is Fan Dongmei. Can be inquired in the public security information network, there are no women of the same name in the relevant age range.

Aunt Mei has not been filed so far. If she can not be found, it means that she can not find the buyer of her children. At present, the police are relaunching the simulated portrait according to the description of the person who contacted Aunt Mei.

The child has no news, after several years of searching, Shen Junliang himself became a search expert. When looking for someone, you have a set of skills.

Before Zhou Rongping arrived at the case, Shen Junliang found that one of his friends and Zhous fellow countrymen were colleagues. Shen Junliang often gave money to his friends to invite Zhous fellow countrymen to have dinner and take the opportunity to inquire about Zhou Rongpings news.

He also learned to distinguish between the true and false clues. When someone tells the news about the child, Shen Junliang usually goes to see the appearance of the child and the parents first, and then writes down the details of the family to the police. Someone called and said he met someone who asked for directions. It felt like Aunt May. After careful analysis, Shen Junliang said, It shouldnt be her. She knows that piece very well and wont ask for directions.

Decoration of Shenjun Liangjias Poverty-stricken Family

The Incomplete House of Five

On December 28, 2018, the Guangzhou Intermediate Court issued a public judgment on the case at first instance. On that day, the court sentenced Zhang Weiping and Zhou Rongping to death. Chen Shoubi was sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment. Two other persons involved, Yang Chaoping and Liu Zhenghong, were sentenced to life imprisonment.

This is somewhat different from the expected result of Shen Junliang. He thinks Chen Shoubi is not her accessory but the principal offender. At the beginning, Zhou Rongping and Chen Shoubi lived in the opposite side of Shenjunliangs family. They had many opportunities to contact Shen Cong. Shen Junliang said he would then apply to the procuratorate for a protest.

He also has other concerns. When will Zhou Rongping and Zhang Weiping be executed? Can we wait until we find our children? If they die, who can identify them when they find Aunt May?

Shen Junliang also did not tell his wife the verdict. Yu Xiaoli suffered a great blow after the incident. In November last year, she found a new job of cleaning and cleaning, which is also the main source of income at home.

Shen Junliangs family now lives in Jinan, the house is empty, a few chairs are picked up from downstairs, on the cabinet there are two heavy old TV sets, TV is second-hand, children do not see much.

The clothes of the two children around us were bought at the roadside stall. The cotton jacket in winter was no more than 50 yuan, and there were no toys. Shen Junliang sighed, I owe them too much.

A family has rented and lived here since 2009, when the rent was 600 yuan a month. The landlord knows about the family and has not been overpriced for so many years. When Shen Junliangs parents lived here before, a curtain hung in the living room, and the partitioned part became their bedroom. Hearing that the landlord had the intention to sell the house, Shen Junliang pleaded with the landlord, Dont sell it. If you sell it, our family cant move anywhere.

After Shen Congs brothers were born, the family was particularly vigilant about the safety of their children. At first, Yu Xiaolis nerves were very sensitive. She shut herself and her children in her room every day. Shen Junliang said that his parents and wife were almost inseparable from the two children. When the children learned to speak, their families repeatedly taught them how to communicate with their families, the names of their parents and the address of their families.

Recently, Shen Junliang saw a news that several people were trying to rescue a boy aged 14 or 5. The boy struggled desperately for help, which attracted the attention of passers-by and alerted the police. Later, the police caught the traffickers. Shen Junliang showed the video to two children repeatedly and taught them to shout for help in such a situation.

Shen Junliang sometimes thinks that if Shen Cong grows up, he should be a 15-year-old boy now. He may go to junior high school and be worried about his grades or the girl he secretly loves.

About Shen Congs real memory, there is only a short period of time in his infancy. Shen Junliang recalled that once his son cried very hard, holding Shen Junliang and wetting his shoulder. After all these years, will anyone hold him when he cries again?

(In order to protect the privacy of the respondents, some of the characters in the article are aliased names)

The family members of nine missing children sentenced to death by trafficker Zhang Weiping burst into tears

On the morning of December 28, Guangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court issued a public judgment on the case of children abduction and sale by defendants Zhang Weiping, Zhou Rongping, Yang Chaoping, Liu Zhenghong and Chen Shoubi at first instance, sentenced Zhang Weiping and Zhou Rongping to death for the crime of child abduction, deprived of political rights for life and confiscated all personal property; sentenced Yang Chaoping and Liu Zhenghong to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights and sentenced them to life imprisonment. He was sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment, three years deprivation of political rights and 3,000 yuan of RMB.

Trafficker Zhang Weiping: Nine boys were abducted and sentenced to death three times for abduction and trafficking

On December 28, Guangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court delivered its judgment in the first instance. Zhang Weiping was found to have abducted and sold nine children from September 2003 to December 2005. Nine boys were abducted, the youngest one year old and the oldest three years old. Eight of them were sold to Zijin County, Heyuan City. More than a decade later, these children still have no news.

Zhang Weiping is a recidivist who was convicted twice for abducting and selling children. In the case of this trial, four accomplices had participated in the abduction and trafficking of a child. The defendant Zhou Rongping was also sentenced to death at the first trial. Two other defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment and one accessory was sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment.