Sun Nan rents 700 yuan a month in Xuzhou? Media: Rough housing is not impossible

 Sun Nan rents 700 yuan a month in Xuzhou? Media: Rough housing is not impossible

Modern Express News entertainment circles have new melon every day, the latest key word is Sun Nan 700 yuan rental housing. On January 22, an interview between Sun Nan and his wife Pan Wei became popular on the Internet. According to the interview, Sun Nan and his wife moved from Beijing to Xuzhou and rented a 100-square-meter apartment. The monthly rent was only 700 yuan, which made friends feel shabby when they came. All of this is to let the children go to a famous traditional school in Xuzhou for Chinese traditional education... Is that true? Modern Express reporters visited the truth of Xuzhous 700 yuan rent and many topics of concern to netizens.

Sun Nan and his wife Pan Weis Visual Map for China

To move to a small third-tier city, the rent of 100 square meters is only 700 yuan?

Fast Report Visit: If the rental is rough housing, 700 yuan monthly rent is not impossible

The source of the controversy is Pan Weiweis interview with his new book Su Xin Ying. From words to videos, the family wanted to follow a warm family line.

Its a pity that nine out of ten people are not happy with their lives.

Sun Nan never imagined that he would eventually go on the hot search. What triggered the discussion on the whole website was Sun Nan 700 yuan, the present is even harder than Xiao Qins, with stepmother, there will be stepfather and other queries.

Modern Express reporters visited Xuzhou, the destination of which was of course a certain school palace sent by Sun Nan, an online messenger. The school was originally located in the Xuzhou Cultural Expo Garden, but at about 5 p.m. on January 22, the Modern Express reporters rushed to the Cultural Expo Garden, but it was empty. Security guards at the park said the school had been moved away. After understanding, the school moved to Luliang Scenic Area in Tongshan District.

The Gate of Famous Chinese School for Sun Nans Children

Subsequently, the modern express reporter started from Xuzhou city, after several inquiries, finally found a certain school palace at 7:00 p.m. However, at the school gate and on both sides, the reporter did not find the name of the school. However, the plan and construction map posted on the public notice board at the gate shows that this is where the school is located, and the villagers nearby also confirmed that this is a certain school palace school.

But the reporter noticed a notice at the entrance that the school would be divided into three phases, with a total investment of about 300 million yuan and a total land area of 235 mu. The first stage is mainly teaching area and student dormitory, canteen, lecture hall, etc. The second and third stages are stadium, foreign exchange center, central area of various art halls (calligraphy, painting, guqin, tea ceremony, bow road, ceramics, etc.) and living area of teachers and staff.

School Layout Map

Reporters want to enter the school to explore unexpectedly but eat a closed door. Because the gate was closed, no one answered the call and could not enter the school. Villagers in the vicinity told the Modern Express that the school had winter vacation and there had been students attending classes before.

According to observation, the school is located in Luliang Scenic Area, next to the Suspended Lake Scenic Area and Niyuan Village. Ni Chengxi, 58, lives opposite the school and runs a small tobacco and alcohol shop. He told reporters that he had heard many times about Sun Nan from people coming and going. I heard that Sun Nan sometimes comes to give lectures to students. As for Sun Nanhuas 700-yuan rental house, Ni Chengxi is not clear, Sun Nan did not live here, the neighbouring village of Ni Yuan is rented by the courtyard, a year rent of more than 20,000 to 40,000.

The reporter also learned from the parents of a student in the school that Sun Nan may live in the Yujingwan district or the southeast County District in the urban area. In these two districts, it is not impossible to rent 700 yuan per month if it is a rough house.

In order to send children to famous Chinese school?

Express interview: Sun Nans children did go to school in Xuzhou. The school had refused to interview before.

In the interview, Pan Wei mentioned that when she was 40 years old, she met the singer Sun Nan and entered the third marriage. At that time, both sides had children and a baby was added after marriage. For this reason, she quit her job and devoted herself to caring for four children at home. However, Pan Wei and Sun Nan have been having a headache with their childrens education problems. Their second daughter is tired of learning and playing games. Their son likes to complain and is unwilling to bear the burden when things happen.

She told Sun Nan that this was not possible, so for the sake of their children, the couple moved from Beijing to Xuzhou to send their children to a traditional culture school with 28 years of history.

According to netizens, the traditional culture school with 28 yearshistory mentioned by her is a certain school palace, which is not well-known in the hearts of local people.

Modern Express reporter contacted the schools enrollment consultants, the other side confirmed that Sun Nans children do go to school here, but the matter of privacy, the specific situation is not easy to disclose. As for some netizens questioning whether this wave of hot search is a marketing method of the school, whether the school is self-hype through Sun Nans family? The school did not respond.

However, many reporters know that Sun Nan has been interviewed more than once in Xuzhou. Before that, some media interviewed Sun Nan. Then they went to the school to ask for an interview, but they were rejected by the school.

A screenshot of Sun Nans report on his wifes new book

My own daughter went abroad to study, and my stepdaughter sent her to study Virtue?

Fast News Visit: Pan Wei teaches Nuhong in this school and writes a Book saying that women should keep their duties safe.

After the topic of Sun Nans 700-yuan rental house burst out, the netizensartillery fire basically went to Pan Wei. More netizens linked her to the hit drama Know or Not, calling her Xiaoqin in reality.

Some netizens think that Pan Wei sent her children abroad to study, but let her ex-wifes children go to study Chinese traditional culture and filial piety. Its too exaggerated to ask girls to be mothers as their life goals.

A screenshot of a netizen standing on the side of Sun Nans husband and wife

Some netizens call Pan Wei Qu, thinking that many people are only blinded by the preconceived impression of evil stepmother. More insiders voiced on Weibo, saying it was deliberately discredited, because Pan Weis daughter went to study in this school after returning from abroad.

As far as press releases are concerned, Sun Nan has not responded publicly.

But the modern express reporter found from Pan Weis new book that she not only sent her children to school, but also served as a female red teacher in the school. In her book, she wrote the following words: Wise women know that the sky and the earth are yin and yang, men and women; men are the sky, women are the earth... The wise woman knows to abide by her duty, cultivate her kunde, do things without persistence or deliberation, and rejoice with pleasure from time to time.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Qiao Jing_N6607