Drivers Card Running Auxiliary Police: Drinking again while drunk driving is revoked

 Drivers Card Running Auxiliary Police: Drinking again while drunk driving is revoked

In the alternating light, a black SUV came in a serpentine position from a distance and knocked down a traffic policeman standing in the middle of the road. Then, the wheel ran over the fallen policeman again, and then disappeared into the night.

Recently, in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, a driver forced to punch a card in order to evade the inspection of drunk driving and knocked down an auxiliary policeman at the scene. His body ran over his body, causing serious injuries to the latter. Fortunately, the assistant policeman has been treated by the hospital and is now out of danger.

Afterwards, the escaped driver was forced to surrender to the public security organs under pressure, and confessed to the fact that the driver had rushed through the cards to evade the inspection.

Zhang Xiaoda, a 25-year-old assistant policeman, was from the traffic police brigade of Xiuzhou District Public Security Bureau in Jiaxing City. On the day of the incident, Zhang Xiaoda and his colleagues set up a checkpoint for drunk driving at an intersection in their jurisdiction. During the checkpoint, vehicles passed orderly and cooperated with the checkup.

Things changed unexpectedly until a black Land Rover SUV appeared. According to the traffic police at the scene, the car was stopped by the traffic police when it saw that it had a stick point and intended to turn around and leave.

However, instead of parking for inspection, the owner added a gas pedal and rushed back into another lane, knocking down Zhang Xiaoda, who was standing just in the middle of the road.

What happened when I saw the car rushing towards me and couldnt escape at all? The brain is blank. Afterwards, Zhang Xiaoda recalled.

See, colleagues quickly surrounded the fallen unconscious Zhang Xiaoda, Whats wrong with you? How do you feel? Come on, come on, get to the hospital. Quick, come and get him into the car with a few people. Be careful, be light. Go and look for that car. Make sure you find it...

At this time, Zhang Xiaodas face was bloodstained. Although his consciousness gradually recovered, he was unable to respond to his colleaguesinquiries because of the intense pain in his body. Later, Zhang Xiaoda was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Zhang Xiaodas injury diagnosis showed that right zygomatic arch fracture and right maxillary sinus wall multiple fractures. Contusion and laceration of both lungs, right fourth rib fracture, a small amount of bleeding in the anterior mediastinum.

The doctor explained that luckily the vehicle did not run over Zhang Xiaodas head at that time, and then the result was unthinkable.

Today, after lying in intensive care unit for nearly 24 hours, Zhang Xiaoda has been transferred to the general ward, and the injury is gradually recovering.

The driver of the accident, Yang Mou, surrendered himself. He said he was afraid of being examined because he had been revoked his drivers license twice.

At present, Yang Mou has been detained by Xiuzhou District Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law on suspicion of obstructing public affairs.

Faced with the accident, Zhang Xiaoda said that it would be worthwhile if he could use his own examples to remind everyone to abide by the law and discipline.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, Responsible Editor of CNN