Commercial Housing Enlarged Recruitment to Evade Restrictions on Purchase: Running a Company to Transfer Households

 Commercial Housing Enlarged Recruitment to Evade Restrictions on Purchase: Running a Company to Transfer Households

Although it is a commercial building, but can handle loans; the building has long been registered for buyers, only waiting for transfer - in Fangshan Green Noah Ark Yue Mansion sales office, known as the commercial purchase restriction order of the 3.26 New Deal as a waste paper.

On March 26, 2017, Beijing restricted the purchase of commercial housing: new projects may not be sold to individuals, and banks have suspended loans. In the past two years, although there has been a problem of developers to evade the purchase restrictions to assist buyers in acting as a company, it has basically disappeared along with the strict enforcement of the law by the housing and construction departments. However, the reporters recent survey for many days found that there are now more hidden tricks: not only to register companies in advance, but also to run loans to solve the problem of the capital turnover of buyers.

Evasion of purchase restriction

Running a good company to transfer property to buyers

The total price of 1.25 million yuan can buy a 50 square meters house, next to Fangshan University City subway station, next to Fangshans only third-class hospital... In the Sales Office of Noah Ark Yue Mansion, Liu Feng, a salesman, constantly throws out the real estate advantages to the buyers.

The attractive conditions can not bypass the natural disadvantage of this building: 50 years of property rights, commercial housing. Previously, commercial housing was packaged as commercial housing by many developers. In 2017, the city issued a new policy of March 26, which set out to restrict the purchase of commercial and residential offered by high temperature and crazy speculation.

According to policy, individuals can no longer buy new businesses to run houses. But in the Sales Office of Noahs Ark Yue Mansion in Greenbelt, this restriction has been broken through.

Liu Feng introduced that the project was developed by Greenland Group, and now another owner is involved in the sale. He has registered the company for the house, and each house is hanging under the name of a different company. After the signing of the contract, the company registered by the owner directly transfers to the buyer, and then the developer cooperates with the buyer to process the official online signature. He said.

The seemingly roundabout tactic is actually to avoid restrictions on purchases. Reporters noted that in the past two years, commercial housing purchase restrictions, the housing sector has been increasing law enforcement inspections to prevent, but developers are still on the policy, under the countermeasures, and continue to develop new evasive measures.

At the earliest time, developers often took the way of acting as a company when selling houses; after this way was quickly stopped by the housing construction department, Fangshan Jinyutang+ project was found to be sold to the outside world with the propaganda of no tax, no need to register company last year, transferring the company by way of equity transfer, and transferring the corresponding commercial housing as the companys assets; nowadays, the green space is also the trick. Its the same, but more covert.

Able to run loans

Pledged equity only needs 30% down payment

Transfer and transfer of the company is only the first step. The key to Yue Mansions evasion of purchase restriction lies in its ability to handle loans, which is also its biggest selling point.

According to the policy, commercial and office projects should be developed, constructed, sold and used strictly according to the planned purposes. Without approval, they should not be changed into residential and other purposes without authorization. Commercial banks should suspend personal purchase loans for individual purchasers of business-run projects.

Since loans are explicitly prohibited, why can Yue Mansion relax its opening?

This is not the same as buying commercial housing loans. Liu Feng explained that after the transfer of the company to the buyer, the house was formally hung under the name of the company owned by the buyer, so that the buyer could apply for a mortgage equity loan from the bank in the name of the company. According to the policy, the down payment of this kind of loan is only 30% at the lowest, even lower than the down payment of ordinary commercial housing loans; the longest loan period is 20 years, slightly shorter than the mortgage.

In past and present commercial projects sold in Beijing, this kind of loan is extremely rare. As to whether the loan method is reliable, Liu Feng said frankly: You can rest assured that the loan has been negotiated with a well-known bank.

For the buyers, is this way of purchasing and lending really reliable? The head of a well-known real estate company in this city explained to the reporters that this way of corporate mortgage loan will make the buyers face higher loan interest rate, the annual interest rate is generally more than 7%, directly increasing monthly supply; after purchasing the real estate in the name of the company, the related tax and fee will be nearly 5,000 yuan annually; in addition, the success of re-listing in the future. Ben and difficulty will also be greater.

Intermediary Help

I love my broker acting in secret

In the process of selling commercial houses to unauthorized buyers, another party quietly exerts its strength. The reporters survey found that it is the well-known intermediary I love my family that leads the way between the sales office and the buyers.

Mr. Chen, who has seen the house, said that I love my broker when I first recommended the project of Noah Ark Yue Mansion in Greenbelt to him. When the reporter consulted another broker in my family who loved me for a real estate project as a buyer, he was also recommended for the same project. The broker claims that this is a project that I love to sell as my agent.

Neither developers nor intermediaries can publicize residential use or evade purchase restrictions in sales. Fangshan District, which has the largest stock of commercial offices, has initiated a one-month special renovation campaign, requiring developers and agents to sign a commitment. One of them is to not publicize such sensitive words as unlimited purchase, registrable, luxury, LOFT, buy one floor and send one floor in sales places and other media, and not to publicize in any way that commercial houses can be used for residence. Individuals evade the restriction of purchase by commercial offices to register for Industry and commerce.

It happens that there is a similar case. In recent days, Mr. Chen has also received a sales call from Zhang Le, my broker. This time, a commercial building with low total price was also promoted. It is located near the Nanfaxin Metro Station in Shunyi. The building is named Airport No. 7.

For a total price of 1 million yuan, you can buy a set, 4.2 meters high. As for the measures taken by Airport No. 7 to evade the purchase restriction, Zhang Le introduced that the developer helped the agent company to buy houses. Among the 12,000 yuan agency fee, the developer could bear 10,000 yuan. Although the building could not handle the loan, the developer also supported the installment payment. The developer paid 50% of the house before paying 50% of the house.

In the process of investigation, my broker confirmed to our reporter that commercial and residential projects such as Noah Ark Yue Mansion in Greenbelt and No. 7 Airport could not be seen on the external website of my family, but brokers could see them on the intranet.

This kind of house is not calledcommercial housingnow. It is calledcommercial housing. I love my broker Zhang Le to confess to reporters that the broker will not tell the buyer that commercial housing can be used for living, but who can not control the house to buy back. Therefore, the purchase restriction order and the letter of promise become superficial articles. (The names of intermediaries in this article are aliased)

Source: Qiao Jing_N6607, responsible editor of Beijing Daily