Before the trial of Zhang Yingying in April, there was a lot of trouble: the defendant wanted to exclude the key evidence

 Before the trial of Zhang Yingying in April, there was a lot of trouble: the defendant wanted to exclude the key evidence

Defendant Christensen (Image Source: Associated Press)

Overseas Network, January 23, China visiting scholar Zhang Yingying will hear the whole case of kidnapping and death in the United States on April 2, but the team of defendants will not stop after six motions were rejected and continue to question some key evidence.

On the day of Zhang Yingyings kidnapping, Hogan, who was also studying at the University of Illinois at Champaign, said he met a man who was driving a black car and tried to abduct her from the car, according to local Illinois media and CNN. Hogan testified in court on Friday (18) that he was shocked when he saw Christensen in a police photograph a few days after Zhang Yingyings case was exposed. Hogan also mentioned that when she went to the police station to identify the suspect, she was worried that she would misidentify the innocent, but when she turned to the third of the six photos, she was convinced that this was the person who approached her. I had a very strong reaction at the time, I was sure.

However, after FBI agents repeatedly asked her if she was sure, Hogan began to hesitate. But in the end, the detective was told that he was 60% sure that the person in the third photo was the one who tried to trick himself into getting on the bus. But neither FBI agents nor Hogan knew that the man in the picture was Christensen. A few weeks later, Christensen was arrested and accused of kidnapping Zhang Yingying. He also lied to FBI agents that he had let Zhang Yingying off after several blocks.

If Christensen is convicted in Aprils trial, he will face the death penalty. But before the trial, his lawyer, Tassef, tried to exclude the testimony and evidence of photo identification from the trial. Tasseff said that Hogan, FBI agent Turner at the time of the identification, and former agent Jagge, who supervised the identification, had inconsistent testimony, arguing that the three people had different views on how long Hogan had spent looking at the photos, how many times each picture had been seen and how to look at the photos. However, prosecutors said that FBI agents did not in any way induce or imply Hogan to identify one of the photos. They also said that because it was not clear that the person in the photo was Christensen, who was arrested later, it was absolutely impossible to make arrangements in advance.

In addition, the defendants lawyer questioned Hogans description of a man close to herself, arguing that her description was vague and could not relate to Christensen. But the prosecution rebutted, arguing that Hogans description of the suspects vehicle, clothing and way of committing the crime (falsely claiming to be an undercover policeman) was similar to Christensens. The prosecution had previously said that wired people told investigators that Christensen had claimed that he got on the bus by deceiving Zhang Yingying by pretending to be an undercover policeman.

After the 18 th hearing, the judge did not decide whether to refer to the photograph as evidence, but said he would soon make a decision on the defenses motion. Christensen was charged with kidnapping and causing Zhang Yingyings death, but he did not plead guilty. The trial has been postponed several times, the defenses motion to change the place of trial has been passed, and Christensen accepted psychiatric appraisal in 2018, and his lawyer asked that the results not be made public.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Qiao Jing_N6607