Fake dealers build fake official websites to raise the price of fake certificates: cost 10 yuan to sell 2000 yuan

 Fake dealers build fake official websites to raise the price of fake certificates: cost 10 yuan to sell 2000 yuan

Fake card dealers invite people to build a fake official website to authenticate the fake certificates and take a high-end route; and then sell them to the outside world, a fake certificate with a cost of 10 yuan can be sold to 2000 yuan, many people are deceived.

Enshilichuan police reported Tuesday that the special police team had successfully cracked a fraud case of counterfeiting the websites of state organs and destroyed a criminal gang that used the Internet to produce and sell false certificates. Four suspects were captured, two underground counterfeiting sites were destroyed, 199 seals were seized, 257 steel seals were seized and 613 false certificates were to be sold.

The emergence of a number of counterfeiting groups through telephone calls from outside the country

Since July last year, Lichuan City Safety Supervision Bureau has received a number of confirmation calls from Shenzhen requesting to confirm whether someone has handled a special industry professional qualification certificate in the Bureau. The Bureau issued a statement on its official website that it was not qualified to handle relevant certificates. Later, the Bureau received a number of similar confirmation calls from Shaanxi and other places.

After receiving the police in Lichuan, the police realized that this was a case of network fraud suspected of producing and selling false certificates. A preliminary survey found that the origin of the certificate production came from Lianyungang, Jiangsu and other places, but a Shenzhen network company provided online inquiries for certificates. There are more than 10 official websites suspected of counterfeiting websites, including Lichuan City Security Supervision Bureau. Fake websites are very similar to the official websites of government departments. They are also ranked and optimized online, which is very deceptive. The head of the network security brigade of Lichuan Public Security Bureau introduced that these fake official networks imitate the registration, examination and inquiry functions of various documents such as transportation, safety production, teacher qualification, public security household registration, and hide behind them a criminal gang that manufactures and sells fake documents.

The police of the special task group have repeatedly groped for clues, and made thorough on-site investigation and evidence collection in many provinces and municipalities. In order to find out the case, we often crouch in the middle of the night and stay all day. After more than six months of investigation, a group using the network to sell false certificates in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shenzhen and other provinces and cities across the country surfaced.

Fake websites can sell fake certificates for $10 to $2000

Police found that the group received orders through online publicity or telephone contact, and then handed over to professional fake witnesses. In order to raise the value of false certificates, a special website has been set up to let people check the certificates. From a stall to a boutique, the value of fake certificates has soared. The police said that because the false certificates are lifelike, some also carry anti-counterfeiting labels, plus support for the official website verification, a false certificate cost about 10 yuan, the most expensive can be sold to 2000 yuan. It is understood that the profits of each link are different, intermediaries can make about 1,000 yuan, network technicians can make hundreds of yuan, while counterfeiters only make tens of yuan.

Inter-provincial and Municipal Interaction Netcasting Police disguised as sanitation workers to catch suspects

Fixed evidence, a network quietly opened, special group of police rushed to Jiangsu, Shenzhen and other places to carry out network closure operations. In a county of Anhui Province, in order to arrest the suspect Chen Mou, the police squatted for a week continuously; in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, the police disguised themselves as sanitation workers, and finally captured three suspects, such as Kang Mou, and finally destroyed two underground false certificate-making nests, seized 199 seals, 7 steel seals and 613 false certificates for sale.

According to Mr. Kan, he forged more than 2,700 documents, selling 25 yuan each, and earning more than 60,000 yuan. Chen uses fake websites to enter false information, and at a price of 10 yuan per item to help others enter false information. More than 4000 people have purchased false information, and Chen has made more than 100,000 yuan. Fumou in Shenzhen helped Banmou set up five websites of counterfeit state organs, including Lichuan Security Supervision Bureau, to authenticate the false certificates and carry out the follow-up maintenance of the websites.

Source: Qian Juanxiao_NBJ10675, Responsible Editor of Jingchu Net-Chutian Metropolitan Daily