Singles go home for the New Year and are disliked in fancy ways: bring their daughter-in-law back and say anything.

 Singles go home for the New Year and are disliked in fancy ways: bring their daughter-in-law back and say anything.

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Singles go home to celebrate the New Year and their parents fancy dislike: bring their daughter-in-law back to say anything (source:)

Recently, a video of a single lad returning home without his daughter-in-law was hotly discussed by netizens because he was rejected by his parents. Mr. Wang, who filmed the video, said: My father celebrated his birthday a few days ago and all his wishes were to take my daughter-in-law home. Netizen: Real! Sure enough, single people go home to celebrate the New Year, even breathing is wrong.

Source of this article: Shaanxi TV News Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675