When he returned home for the New Year, he was caught robbing with three knives.

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 When he returned home for the New Year, he was caught robbing with three knives.

The robbery in Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province, allowed the police to raise their thumbs for the families of the victims: The brave and resourceful Jiangshan family, praise!

Late at night, masked gangsters robbed the house with three sharp knives in their arms. The victims family, three people, were not frightened by the sharp weapons in the hands of the gangsters. They decisively attacked and captured the gangsters on the spot! uuuuuuuu

At present, the suspect of robbery into the room, Han Mou, has been detained by Jiangshan Public Security Bureau according to law.

Peng Mou and his wife are from Fengcun, Sidu Town, Jiangshan. They are all named Peng. Their husband is 54 years old and their wife is 51 years old. They live together with their 28-year-old son.

At 3:00 a.m. on January 18, three members of the family slept soundly indoors.

In their sleep, the couple was awakened by a sudden sound of opening the door. Peng Mou, her husband, immediately turned on the room lamp and found a man wearing a mask standing at the door, holding a long knife and a knife in both hands.

The man shouted: Take the money, hundreds of dollars can be!

The couple immediately realized that each other had come to rob. The wife said to the gangster, Wait a minute, give you the money right away! Afterwards, she said, it was to stabilize the gangsters.

Speaking late and then quickly, Peng Mou took advantage of the gangsters inattention and immediately grabbed his opponents hands and held him by the wall.

The wife came forward together and seized the two weapons in the hands of the gangsters.

The two men took off the masks of the gangster and found that the other was a middle-aged man in his forties.

The gangster begged for mercy.

At this time, the son who lives on the second floor also rushed down. In order to prevent the murderers from carrying weapons, Peng Mou inspected him and found a knife and a flashlight, as well as several keys and a watch in his family.

Subsequently, Peng and his wife pressed the gangster against the wall, and his son immediately dialed 110.

The Jiangshan Criminal Investigation Brigade and the remaining police stations rushed to take the gangsters back for further investigation.

The mans surname is Han, 41 years old, from Henan Province, who works in Sidu Town. Han Mou said that he has been working all over the country, recently to celebrate the New Year, want to go home but have no money.

On January 16, he purchased tools to locate the crime. Finally, I chose Peng Jia...

At present, the case is still under further trial.

This family is great!

In case of emergency danger,

The best way,

Just keep calm!

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