The doctor was shocked at the sound of whistling in an 8-year-old girl.

 The doctor was shocked at the sound of whistling in an 8-year-old girl.

Shiyan 8-year-old girl coughing repeatedly is not good

Parents treat pneumonia

Unexpectedly, not only did it not improve, but it became more serious.

Hospital experts listen, no more.

The sound of whistling came from the body.

Bronchial obstruction by foreign body

A whistle in the girls lungs

A week ago, Xiao Hui, an 8-year-old pupil in Yunxi, had a sudden onset of recurrent coughing, which started with dry cough and then gradually developed yellow phlegm. Xiaohuis cough hasnt been good. Its really bad for her parents. Local hospitals initially considered pneumonia, but after several days of anti-inflammatory treatment, Xiaohuis symptoms did not improve at all, and her condition worsened. So the father took Xiaohui to the hospital for further treatment.

Taihe Hospital experts saw that Xiaohui could hear a whistle-like sound in her lungs as she breathed. They wondered if there was a problem in her trachea. After making the film, it was even more astonishing! uuuuuuuuuuu

Xiao Huis bronchus was stuck by foreign body after filming.

Originally, Xiaohui had a conical foreign body in her right bronchus, which jammed the bronchus. However, thanks to a small hole in the middle of the foreign body, it can also be ventilated, so as not to make children breathe difficult.

After the doctor carefully inquired about her medical history, Xiaohui remembered that a week ago, while doing her homework, she was chewing a plastic pen cap in her mouth. She didnt know what was going on. She felt something enter her throat. At that time, there was a severe cough, but did not dare to tell the family, has been enduring. Over time, Xiao Huis repeated coughing has become more and more serious.

Because of this bad habit, three holes were opened in the chest wall of the girl to pick up foreign bodies.

Originally, Xiao Hui has a bad habit. She always likes to play with her pen cap in her mouth when she writes her homework. Her parents remind her many times, but Xiao Hui cant change this bad habit. Unexpectedly, the small fault even let oneself suffer so much.

Easy to swallow, easy to take out is a difficult problem. After more than a week, pen cap in the bronchus has caused repeated inflammation, and now deep lock in the bronchus.

Xiaohuis father was in a hurry and rushed to the otolaryngology department of the hospital. However, due to the deep and tight position of the pen cap clip and the small and weak bronchus of the child, it is estimated that it is difficult to safely remove it through endoscopy. In the experts introduction, Xiaohuis father took the child to the hospitals thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Guo Jialong, the director of the receiving ward, carefully understood the condition, and quickly decided on the treatment plan: to remove foreign bodies in the bronchi of children through minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery.

The doctor removed the pen cap through minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery

After a short and rapid preoperative preparation, the doctor operated on Xiaohui in the emergency department on the same day. Through a 2 cm incision on the chest wall and two 0.5 cm orifices for operation, after precise positioning, the right middle bronchus was incised and foreign bodies were removed.

After removal, it was confirmed that the foreign body was a plastic pen cap, and a large number of purulent secretions could be seen in the local bronchus. The operation ended very smoothly, and Xiaohuis father finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Pen cap removed surgically

How harmful is foreign body entering the trachea?

Parents must pay attention to it

Tracheal/bronchial foreign bodies are common emergencies in pediatrics, mostly in children under 5 years of age, the doctor said. The clinical manifestations were severe cough, dyspnea, tracheal beating, and symptoms of obstructive atelectasis or emphysema. Chest CT and endoscopy can confirm the diagnosis and remove the foreign body. If the bronchoscope can not be removed, the foreign body should be removed as early as possible.

Doctors say that severe cough and dyspnea can occur after small foreign bodies enter the trachea. If the foreign body is large and blocked at the subglottic and tracheal entrance, it may cause severe hypoxia in children, leading to hypoxemia, thus causing brain damage, leaving sequelae. If a larger foreign body obstructs the trachea, it will suffocate and die.

Parental care is very important for children. Doctor reminds:

Parents should note that for children under 3 years of age, everything that can be held in their hands and put into their mouths has potential risks. Therefore, children should not develop the habit of stuffing things into their mouths.

At the same time, for children with long teeth, parents may use a variety of foods to appetize or molar their children, but children under 3 should not feed melon seeds, peanuts and other nuclear foods.

When parents find that the child may be stuck in a foreign body, they should calm down and do not interfere with the child immediately, because when the child eats, laughs, laughs or panics when breathing deeply, it is very easy to inhale the foreign body into the trachea. The correct way to deal with it is to take the child to see a doctor in time.

Tracheal foreign body in children is not a high incidence problem

But it happens from time to time.

This has a lot to do with the usual habits and habits of life.

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