51-year-old Cancer-stricken Mother: My Husband likes children too much

 51-year-old Cancer-stricken Mother: My Husband likes children too much

I think if life is successful, it means having a child.

This is Wu Ying, a 25-year-old, who left a message to the world in World 2. Because of this sentence, the mother who gave birth to a child in her life pushed such a discussion to the forefront of the conversation. Is it worthwhile to risk her life to have a child?

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On this topic, everyone has their own answers in mind. But it is worth affirming that birth or not birth is always a womans right, not her duty. Its good to have a life, but we must do what we can.

Compared with Wu Yings story, Ms. Ji, 51, of Changxing is much luckier. As a lost mother, she succeeded in test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube test-tube

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We want a child.

If it werent for the loss of independence, Ms. Ji might not have thought that she would have two small lives at the age of 51.

My husband loves children so much that when he sees children from other families, he cant help hugging them. Reproduction is a difficult decision. Ms. Ji herself knows that after the operation of diabetes, uterine fibroids and thyroid cancer, pregnancy is not an easy thing or even an inappropriate thing in terms of personal physical condition. But after the pain of losing their independence, the couples desire for children is getting stronger and stronger, and ultimately it is still the case. Decided to take the risk of trying in vitro babies.

Fortunately, in May 2018, Ms. Ji successfully conceived twins after a successful test tube in a local hospital, and then returned to Changxing for routine maternity tests.

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I think of her as a giant panda.

Some people say that pregnancy is like passing a barrier, lucky pregnancy is one thing, but the monitoring of the whole pregnancy is another thing, such as Ms. Ji, it is bound to face more problems than women of childbearing age, so monitoring during pregnancy is also a very important link.

Since Ms. Ji came to our group, we have treated her as agiant panda, not only because her children are hard-won and very precious, but also because she has many high-risk factors, twin pregnancy and some basic diseases, so her pregnancy monitoring is very important.

Doctor Wang Yali knows that in the face of such a pregnant woman, the whole pregnancy of mother and baby are facing a very high risk. With the increase of gestational weeks, the burden of heart, liver and kidney will increase, even the occurrence of pulmonary edema, heart failure and so on. It is necessary to intervene early to terminate pregnancy and so on. These factors will endanger the safety of mothers and infants.

She closely monitors Mrs. Jis pregnancy. According to the focus of attention during different pregnancy periods, she strictly guards against death and dares not neglect at all. In order to facilitate the patients real-time contact, Wang Yali provided her telephone and Wechat to Ms. Ji.

Wang Yali communicates with Ms. Ji

Im really worried about this pregnancy. Ill contact Dr. Wang immediately if I need any consultation. Shes very patient and will give me an answer every time. Ms. Ji told us.

My child is back!

When pregnancy enters the middle and late stages, a realistic problem is when to intervene to terminate pregnancy. At first, Ms. Ji planned to have an operation in the provincial capital. For these two hard-won children, Ms. Jis family has special expectations. However, after such a long period of pregnancy and maternity examination, Ms. Ji was full of trust in Wang Yali during the consultation and exchange, and she began to change her mind.

Its easy to leave her here and say that, but there are risks and challenges behind it. Even this is not a matter for a department of Obstetrics and Gynecology alone, because she is very old and is a test-tube baby with second pregnancy. The child is very precious, when to intervene to terminate pregnancy, including the cooperation of the pediatric team after the birth of the child, and the support of the team during the operation. Its all important. Wang Yali said.

In order to attach great importance to this cesarean section, Director Luo Qiong was invited to come to the hospital for sitting in town operation. At the same time, anesthesiologists and obstetricians of Zhejiang Universitys Childrens Hospital, including Gu Lingzhu, Qian Gencai, Gao Chunxin and Wei Wei, the chief physician, arrived at the scene. The departments of anesthesiology, operation room and neonatal department worked together to ensure and support personnel, equipment and drugs. Hold.

January 12, this is a special day for Ms. Ji. On this day, the expert team performed a cesarean section for Ms. Ji. The operation went smoothly and gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes weighing 2500 g and 2300 G. When Ms. Ji was kissed on the face by a pair of children, it was her happiest moment in years.

Super-old mothers like Ms. Ji have set a record in our hospital. We are also very gratified to be able to successfully welcome the birth of a child under the condition of ensuring the safety and health of the mother, but the risk behind the elderly pregnancy is what we need to emphasize repeatedly as a gynecologist and obstetrician. Wang Yali said so.

With the full implementation of the two-child policy, a large number of older mothers have moved towards the road of two-child, but the risk of pregnancy of older mothers is much greater than that of ordinary mothers. Therefore, older women must be cautious in preparing for pregnancy and consult obstetricians and gynecologists in advance.

Several Suggestions for Older Maternal Before Pregnancy

1. Before planning to be pregnant, we should go to the obstetric clinic for eugenic counseling and physical examination. This is a check-up for both spouses. Especially for pregnant women, besides routine examinations of heart, liver and kidney, they should also focus on the reproductive system. After all, not every older woman can get pregnant smoothly and safely through the whole pregnancy process.

2. Women over 35 need to know that their chances of conception are significantly lower than those of young people. Women over 40 have only one-hundred chances of conception per menstrual cycle. If they have not been pregnant for six months, a more active way is to consult reproductive medicine experts and receive necessary medical assistance.

3. For women over 40 years of age, doctors are obliged to inform older mothers of the risks of pregnancy, including relatively high risk of abortion and increased risk of complications of pregnancy, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, premature delivery, postpartum hemorrhage and fetal growth restriction, and to screen for certain diseases before pregnancy, such as diabetes and hypertension. If you do not have enough physical, psychological and economic capacity, please consider carefully.

4. Take a 0.4 mg folic acid tablet every day for three months before planning pregnancy until three months after successful conception. If it is an unwanted pregnancy, do not supplement folic acid in advance, as long as it is not extremely partial to food or seriously malnourished women, and do not panic excessively, start taking it in time.

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