No eyes! The man knelt down to apologize for his friends disgrace at the wake of the spirit.

 No eyes! The man knelt down to apologize for his friends disgrace at the wake of the spirit.

The death of a good friend is beyond reproach, but a man in Liuzhou did something disdainful when he was watching for his friend.

On January 16, Ms. Mos husband died. Qinmou was the baby of Mrs. Mos husband. After learning about this, she went to Mrs. Mos house to watch the ghost.

Her husband had asked Qin Mou to help with two credit cards before he died. Ms. Mo asked Qin Mou to help check how much credit cards were left.

At noon on January 17, after a night of guarding Qins spirit, Ms. Mo asked him to go back to rest first.

That night, Ms. Mo found that her husbands mobile phone, which had been on the computer desk, could not be found. She also contacted Qin Mou, Qin Mou came over, find the mobile phone.

On the evening of January 18, when Ms. Mo was sorting out her husbands remains, she found that her husbands two credit cards were missing. Strangely enough, the mobile card in her husbands cell phone is missing.

Ms. Mo contacted Qinmou again and wanted to know the situation, but she couldnt.

At noon on January 19, Ms. Mo logged on to her husbands Wechat and saw a new transfer record for Qin Mou in the Wechat. She also had consumption one after another. Suspicious Ms. Mo went to Shengli Police Station to report the case.

Through investigation, the police tracked down Qin Mou who had swiped his card online shopping. At about 0 oclock on January 20, Qin Mou returned to the rental house in the North Lane of Hongbei Road and was captured by the accused policemen.

After investigation, Qin Mou, 37, was addicted to playing games, but had no money to recharge. When he saw that there was a limit in his old friends credit card, he took out his friends mobile card and put it in his pocket together with his credit card.

After returning home, Qin Mou changed the credit card password through the method of mobile phone short message verification. Later, the credit card was used to recharge more than 2000 yuan to play games, and more than 2000 yuan was spent on a shopping website.

When the police took Qin Mou to identify the scene of the crime, he knelt down to apologize to Ms. Mos family.

At present, Qinmou has been detained by the police.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, responsible editor of Chutian Metropolitan Daily