Lei Jun: The first 5G mobile phones cost at least 700 yuan

 Lei Jun: The first 5G mobile phones cost at least 700 yuan

On January 23, Digitimes reported that in 2019, domestic 5G mobile phones will be priced at 500 yuan higher.

Reported that the cost of 5G chip module and related materials is about 300-400 yuan, so the mobile phone manufacturers increase the price of 500 yuan is basically profitable without loss, as for making more money or less depends on the cost control ability of each mobile phone brand.

Regarding this, Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Millet Technologies, said that 500 yuan is uncertain, and additional patent fees and VAT are needed. The first 5G mobile phones cost at least 700 yuan.

The MIX35G version of millet was shown at the China Mobile PartnersConference before. It is equipped with Qualcomms new generation of Qiulong 855 mobile platform and Qiulong X505G modem. The download speed can reach up to 2Gbps.

It is reported that millet will be the first to participate in the field test of 5G pre-commercial city launched by China Mobile in the first quarter of 2019, and take the lead in launching 5G version of millet MIX3 in Europe, and then provide the millet commercial terminal supporting China Mobile 5G network in the third quarter.

In addition, Millet will jointly promote the rapid landing of 5G in smart home area with China Mobile, and explore new areas such as 8K ultra-high definition VR video online broadcasting, 3D holographic video calls, 3D AR Street View navigation, high-definition game cloud streaming services.

Source: Responsible Editor of Fast Technology: Yao Liwei_NT6056