By 2020, the iPhone will abandon LCD screens and fully adopt OLED

 By 2020, the iPhone will abandon LCD screens and fully adopt OLED

According to the Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter have revealed that Apple may abandon LCD screens altogether in its 2020 iPhone product line and adopt OLED screens that allow mobile phones to design more flexible.

The Wall Street Journal raised this possibility earlier this month, and todays report provides more evidence. According to the report, JDI, Apples LCD panel supplier, is seeking help from investors, which will lay a solid foundation for the overall shift of Apples iPhone product line to OLED screens.

According to people familiar with the situation, JDI is in deep negotiations with Chenhong Science and Technology and Silk Road Fund on an investment, including about 30% equity. JDI is said to have sought investment partly because of poor sales of the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR uses LCD screens specially produced by JDI. According to several reports, Apple recently asked its partners to cut production of all its iPhone models. Apple also lowered the price of the iPhone XR in China in the hope of boosting sales.

A May 2018 report said that Apple would complete the transition to an all-OLED series of iPhones in 2019, but analysts quickly responded to the report, saying that this time point in 2019 might not be accurate.

To diversify the supply chain, Apple has been trying to reduce its dependence on Samsung. The OLED screens of the iPhone X, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XSMax are all provided by Samsung. Last July, it was reported that Apple intended LG to provide OLED and LCD panels for the 2018 iPhone lineup, but it was later reported that LGs capacity could not meet Apples needs.

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