Wang Jianlin hired Cui Kangxi to teach: Dalian must not take advantage of peoples dangerous price.

 Wang Jianlin hired Cui Kangxi to teach: Dalian must not take advantage of peoples dangerous price.

On the morning of January 18, one club officially told the players: After many efforts, the negotiations with Yaldin did not reach an agreement. It was fate for him and the negotiations ended. In these days without the leadership of foreign teachers, every team member has performed very well in winter training. Under the leadership of the Chinese coaching team, they should be commended for their active preparation. Through the efforts of the club, a new coaching team has been found, and the new coaching team will arrive in Marbella on January 19 to meet you.

Before the new coach team was officially unveiled, the club did not announce the names of the new coach and the team, but smart players guessed that it was Cui Kangxis team, which was widely known outside. Sure enough, on January 19, all his teaching assistants except Cui Kangxi met with the team members from Marbella and Dalian. Cuis teaching assistant team appeared, and immediately entered the working state. Last night (January 16), Cui Kangxi left for Spain and was scheduled to arrive in Marbella on January 21 to meet the team.

Why is Yaldin yellow?

On the one hand, agent Mendes wants to push him to Real Madrid, and Yalding himself is interested in Real Madrid. On the other hand, Yalding is very frank that only two or three of the Chinese players can play football. He cant form a complete team. On the other hand, his family feels that Dalian is too small to be international.

For Mendes, Wanda Group has always wanted to monopolize this resource. For Wanda Groups investment trends in the new season, he has already mastered the selection of coaches, which means that he can take absolute initiative in choosing foreign aid. But Vanda did not take Mendess advice for the first time, but learned about some of the top European and American coaches, including Sampury, Wenger and even Zidane.

So why is Wanda willing to contact him? This is inseparable from an important personality recommendation, that is, the President of Atletico Madrid. In the 2018 season, when Wanda decided to take over and let Marin change his coach after class, it was not Mendes who first sought help, but Atletico Madrid President.

At that time, the president of Atletico wanted to sell Carlisco and Gaetan, and Wanda wanted to find a coach, so the president of Atletico recommended Mendes as a guarantor, and Wanda entrusted Mendes with the treatment, so the two sides began their first cooperation at the level of professional clubs.

In the work contract signed with Schuster, there are only renewal and reward clauses. No club with poor performance can offer the clause of voluntary termination without compensation. The only thing left to Dalian is to inform Schuster not to renew the contract several days before the negotiation, but this negotiation means compensation.

Such hasty contracts also taught Wanda lessons. Therefore, there was no compromise in the negotiation of Yaldings contract, and thats why it took so long to talk.

Prior to this, the outside world has exposed the cooperation years and salaries of Yardin and Dalian side, but this is not from the Dalian side of the club to take the initiative to disclose information, but the Mendes side intentionally. Why do you make such a judgment? Because while negotiating with the Dalian side, Mendes also keeps in touch with other European giants. He hoped to choose the best job for Yalding, deliberately expecting to give the media, so that European buyers can see the high salary and sincerity of Wanda, which is tantamount to invisibly raising the market price of Yalding.

During this period, Mendes and Real Madrid maintained the closest ties, and Yalding himself preferred Real Madrid. But before that, they have had more formal negotiations with Wanda. Wanda Sports paid part of the money in good faith in advance, which is also a signature fee, waiting for Yalding to sign.

Such terms can not be accepted by Wanda Group, and Wanda Sports has learned through its own channels that Real Madrid will make further decisions about the change of coaches around January 19. What Mendes did was to see the progress of Real Madrids change of coaches. If news came, he would break up with Dalian. If not, he would let Jardine come to China to earn a vote first.

In addition to Mendes, in fact, Yalding himself has an inescapable responsibility for this negotiation. Yalding came to Dalian to have an interview with the senior members of the club. He was worried about the job for three important reasons: first, the strength of Dalians first team. He said frankly that only two or three of the Chinese players could play football except for foreign players. He could not form a complete team; second, because of the restrictions on the input of the Chinese Football Association in the field of quotation, he shouldered the responsibility. Heart can not introduce their favorite center; third, his family feels that Dalian is too small to be international.

At that time, the top management of one side club assured that they would make great efforts to strengthen the lineup in the aspect of internal assistance, and as for foreign aid, they would try their best to find the best in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Football Association. As for the third point, the club will try its best to ensure the living needs of him and his family. After all, China has developed transportation and it is not far to go to Beijing and Shanghai. But in the end, Yaldin insisted on staying in Europe.

Why did Cui Kangxi come?

After listening to the report, Wang Jianlin believed that Cui Kangxi was more in line with the needs of the Dalian side. His success and experience in Asia would not bury Wandas reputation, and his understanding of his people and affairs fully demonstrated his willingness to face the current difficulties together with the Dalian Club.

Wanda Group is well-known in the world. Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, is also a global figure. Although there is no change in the name of the Dalian club at present, everyone knows that the real big man behind the scenes is Wanda Group. Therefore, in the selection of commanders, it is necessary to conform to the identity and position of Wanda Group as a whole.

Dalian has given careful consideration to the time of contacting Cui Kangxi. They began contacting Cui Kangxi only after they learned that Tianhai Club in Tianjin had formally issued a letter of rescission to Cui Kangxi and that several negotiations had failed. The termination of the contract only involved follow-up compensation. Although the search for a manager is equally urgent and urgent, it does not break the rules of the industry, everything is more rational.

At present, the two sides have not formally signed the work contract, but determined several major directions: first, Cui Kangxis coaching team fully accepted, the team first went to Marbella to lead the training, the contract was negotiated by Cui Kangxis agent with the club; second, the main link of Cui Kangxis contract was communicated well, then Cui Kangxi went to Spain, where one side completed with Cui Kangxi. And his entire teams contract.

Cui Kangxi has worked hard to form such a team. These assistants are either his old subordinates or he dug them from such Korean giants as Puxiang Iron Making, Suwon Samsung and Ulsan Hyundai. When they are in place, they can immediately put into work, and after such a fight with Tianhai Club, the team members also have a sense of the rest of their lives. The olive branch thrown by Dalian at this time stimulates everyones fighting spirit. They will try their best to achieve better results for Dalian Football, and at the same time prove that their choice to come to China is not wrong.

Some people say that the Dalian side has found a cheap one on Cui Kangxis issue. Others say that Cui Kangxi is blessed by misfortune, but did not start real cooperation, did not see the results. Now, whether it is good or bad, no conclusion can be reached. More accurately, from the current state of affairs, the two sides this time hand-in-hand for each other is the most appropriate choice at present.

As for Dalian, it is not just because of the eagerness to find coaches that Cui Kangxi was considered. In fact, five candidates were submitted to Wang Jianlin. But after hearing the report, Wang Jianlin thought that Cui Kangxi was more in line with the needs of Dalian. Cui Kangxi was a very important candidate for new coaches in Jiangsu Suning and Shanghai Shenhua, and currently ranked 26th in the International Coaching rankings. He has been in the top 10 of the world, plus his success and experience in Asia, so to speak, let him teach Dalian side, not wronged Dalian, will not bury Wandas reputation.

In addition, Cui Kangxi makes Wanda respect more important, that is, he can be a long-term coach in a club, coupled with his understanding of people, and communication with him, fully demonstrates his willingness to face the current difficulties with the Dalian Club.

Many people worry about whether Cui Kangxi will come and Karasko will go. Some even think that when Cui Kangxi comes, Karasko will go. After communication with the club level, the answer is as follows: Carrasco and the club still have four years of work contract, go or not go, is not controlled by the players, want to go must be agreed and recognized by the Dalian Club.