Journal of the Central Discipline Commission: Zhao Zhengyong was designated as a shameful political double-dealer

 Journal of the Central Discipline Commission: Zhao Zhengyong was designated as a shameful political double-dealer

In his important speech at the Third Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Discipline Commission, General Secretary Xi Jinping took formalism and bureaucracy as an important task of strengthening the Partys political construction, ensuring the centralization and unification of the whole Party, ordering and banning and deployed them. He spoke of opposing formalism and bureaucracy in the rectification of the Four Winds in the past, and paid more attention to them. This is a remarkable and important change, which means that the Party Central Committee will pursue formalism and bureaucracy with a more sincere, demanding and vigorous determination and will.

When examining the problems of formalism and bureaucracy, we must mention the political level. Formalism and bureaucracy are prominent contradictions and problems existing in the Party at present. They are obstacles and stumbling blocks that hinder the implementation of the Partys line, policy and major decision-making deployment by the Party Central Committee. They can be called enemies of the Party and the people. The special film One Grasp to the Right Wind and Discipline reveals in detail the whole process of the renovation of illegal villas in Qinling Mountains. Zhao Zhengyong, the former Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, who had already lost his horse, received important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping when he was in office in 2014. However, he did not convey and study at the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, nor did he conduct special research. He simply instructed the provincial Party committees supervisory office to check up with the Xian Delivery of materials, resulting in long-term violation of the villa problem unresolved, prohibited. Ironically, Zhao Zhengyong also published a signed article in March 2014, which talked about putting an end to discounts, choices and flexibility in implementing the central decision-making and deployment. He even wrote, No matter how ambitious the goals are, the promises given are so attractive that if we dont do them, we cant do them decisively, and we cant grasp them quickly, they will be zero. He handed over the zero answer sheet to the Party and the people with serious violations of discipline, and was also deemed to be a disgraceful political double-dealer and double-dealer. Leading cadres must have a deep understanding that formalism and bureaucracy are the representations, and not politics is the foundation. Only when formalism and bureaucracy are regarded as the political responsibilities that must be resolutely fulfilled and the central government decrees are unimpeded and prohibited by actual actions can the two safeguards be truly practiced and the loyalty to the Party and the people be interpreted.

To get rid of the problems of formalism and bureaucracy, we should focus on the ideological roots. Leading cadres should be pioneer soldiers with lofty ideals and high consciousness. They should take loyalty to the Party, share worries for the Party, perform their duties for the Party and benefit the people as their fundamental political responsibilities, and maintain the political nature of the Communists forever. Nevertheless, there are some leading cadres who think of themselves beforehand, do things in spite of the overall situation, fear hands and feet, fear responsibility, take loyalty in their speech and expression, perfunctorily take responsibility in their actual work, formalism goes through the stage and bureaucratism does nothing. Tracing back to the root cause, formalism and bureaucracy in action are rooted in Ideological problems, unreliable political ideals, utilitarianism and pragmatism, misplaced views on political achievements, lack of responsibility, serious official-based thinking, deviated values, distorted views of power, and serious departure from reality and the masses. To clear away the haze of these ideas, we must persist in arming our minds with the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, constantly check the tables and calibrate the deviations in time.

It must also be noted that in addition to those with low ideological awareness, leading cadres who engage in formalism and bureaucracy are also corrupted and degenerated by interest groups. Instead of standing with the Party and the people, these people are obedient to the golden lord. In order to pursue the interests of individuals or small groups, they deceive and deceive, and carry out selective, symbolic and distorted execution of the Party Central Committees decision-making and deployment in order to seek their own interests and satisfy their private desires. In a sense, in some regions and units, formalism and bureaucracy are rampant, which are inextricably linked with the interweaving of political and economic interests, power and power transactions, hunting and corruption that are willing to be hunted. Therefore, in order to get rid of formalism and bureaucracy, we must also strengthen the supervision of departments and industries with centralized power, dense funds and rich resources, resolutely prevent interest groups from bringing together corrupt leading cadres, decisively cut off the chain of interest transmission, and create more favorable conditions for eliminating formalism and bureaucracy by constantly consolidating and developing the overwhelming victory of the anti-corruption struggle.