The longest government shutdown in American history: politicians fought bitterly against the people

 The longest government shutdown in American history: politicians fought bitterly against the people

Passengers queue for security checks at Hazfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, USA, Jan. 18, local time. Nearly a month after the U.S. government shutdown, federal employees were unable to get regular salaries and absenteeism rates were rising, which had an impact on flight safety in the United States. Visual Chinese Mapping

On the second anniversary of its inauguration, the Trump Administration is facing the constraints of a split Congress, and the political infighting in the United States continues to deteriorate and create a new intensity. Even the most conventional government operations, such as the Presidents State of the Union Address and parliamentariansvisits abroad, have become the subject of malicious manipulation by politicians of both parties in the Democratic and Republican Republic. As a result, the longest period of government closure in the history of the United States, the end of which is still not seen. The people whose lives are in such a dilemma are suffering terribly.

On December 22 last year, there was a serious disagreement between Trump and Democrats over the construction of the separation wall along the US-Mexico border. The two sides failed to agree on a government appropriation bill. Nearly a quarter of the federal government agencies in the United States stopped working one after another, and about 800,000 federal employees were forced to work without pay or take compulsory vacations. So far, the government has stalled far beyond the 21-day record set in 1995. A 16-day government shutdown during the Obama administration in 2013 caused economic losses of up to $2.1 billion.

When Congress fails to pass an adequate budget, there is a gap in the governments discretionary funds. In this case, the Administration and Budget Bureau of the Presidents Executive Office will close some government agencies, temporarily suspend the provision of unnecessary services, and the relevant government employees will suspend wages to reduce expenditure. Since 1980, there have been 10 Government suspensions in the United States that have resulted in unpaid work or compulsory leave for government employees.

This is a failure of domestic governance. Harvard Professor Alison said that democracy in the United States is showing dangerous symptoms. Washington has become the acronym for dysfunctional capital: a swamp of deteriorating partisan relations, paralysis of basic functions of government such as budgets and foreign agreements caused by White House-Congress relations, and loss of trust in government. More and more federal employees in the United States are reluctant to use personal credit cards to pay for work-related travel and other expenses because they are not sure that their bills can be reimbursed.

In the United States, where savings rates are very low and people are vulnerable to constraints, the lives of some government employees are particularly vulnerable. A study by Career Builders, an American employment portal, shows that about 78% of American employees are moonlighters. A survey by the Federal Reserve found that nearly half of American households could not afford $400 in emergency spending without borrowing money or selling anything. Federal employees in the United States receive an average weekly salary of about $500.

But high-ranking politicians do not feel this, and the government stall is just a tool of Party struggle. On January 3, the 116th Congress of the United States officially took office. In this divided Congress, Democrats dominated the House of Representatives by a majority of 235 seats, while Republicans continued to dominate the Senate by 53 seats. Pelosi, the highest-ranking female elected official in American history, was re-elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives eight years later. As soon as she took office, she pushed the House of Representatives to vote on a new Appropriation Bill to end the governments closure, but the bill did not include Trumps $5.7 billion wall-building grant. An opportunity to resolve the governments closure was missed.

Trump, the self-proclaimed trading guru, did not show good trading skills when he first faced an opposition-controlled House of Representatives. What he saw was the government crisis, the longest government shutdown in American history. Who is responsible for the closure of the government? In a poll conducted by the Washington Post and NBC News in mid-January, Trump and Democrats accounted for 53% and 29% of the responsibilities, respectively.

Pelosi recently publicly warned Trump not to despise the power of the Democratic majority. She wrote an article on the State of the Union Address. According to the U.S. Constitution and original plan, Trump was supposed to address Congress on January 29, which was supposed to be a rare public relations opportunity for the President to set policy agenda, win congressional support and raise public opinion support. But Pelosi linked the Presidents State of the Union address to the closure of the government. She wrote to Trump last week, suggesting that the United States postpone 2019 on the grounds of security concerns. Love message. Pelosi said that there was no precedent for the State of the Union address to be delivered when the government closed its doors since the current budget system was introduced in the fiscal year 1977. Moreover, the governments closure is continuing, the funds of the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security are disrupted, and security issues are feared to be difficult to guarantee. Pelosi has not forgotten to tease Trump: you can either resume delivering your State of the Union address in writing, or simply speak in his Oval Office at the White House.

This time, the Americans were very surprised that Trump did not respond to Pelosi for the first time through Twitter and other means. Trump has proved to be just waiting for the best time. The next day, at the last moment of Pelosis trip, Trump detained her plane. At that time, the US Air Force bus was waiting on Capitol Hill, and some members of Parliament with Pelosi had boarded the bus. Trump wrote to Pelosi that due to the closure of the federal government, he postponed the trip to Belgium, Egypt and Afghanistan by military aircraft. Trump asked Pelosi to stay in Washington during that time to negotiate an end to the governments closure. Trump, of course, did not forget to pay Pelosi back: if Pelosi was willing to pay for a commercial flight, it would be her right.

The confrontation between the two is called the fight between pupils on the playground, and the governments suspension becomes the hostage of both sides. Pelosi subsequently decided to cancel the trip, while Trump launched a new initiative, the core of which was to free about 740,000 minor illegal immigrants from deportation within three years in exchange for a $5.7 billion wall-building grant. But Pelosi said it was impossible.

The US-Mexico border wall is beautiful in Trumps eyes and is Trumps key campaign promise. In the eyes of Pelosi and the democrats, the wall is immoral and ineffective.

Trump called those employees who worked without pay during the closure of the government great patriots. At present, however, more patriots join the queue for free food stamps. Some are selling household goods, while others are turning to consumer finance companies for loans. The Financial Times reported that the pawnbroking industry and payday lending institutions thrived during the longest government shutdown in American history, and that these short-term loans could be predatory, and borrowers could easily fall into a vicious circle of debt. The Washington Post reported that in addition to government employees, the lives of millions of Americans are beginning to be hurt by government closures. Critics say that Trump, a billionaire who travels by special plane, has no experience of the suffering of the people.

Whether Trump or Pelosi, there are still no clear signs of concession. They [Democrats] dont see crime and drugs, they only see 2020 - they wont win, Trump said on Twitter January 20. Trump said he was still considering the State of the Union address. Pelosis response was: Re-open the government, pay employees, and then we can discuss how to protect the border together.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily