Watermen delete industry chain: hundreds of thousands of people control public opinion and 70,000 a month

 Watermen delete industry chain: hundreds of thousands of people control public opinion and 70,000 a month

Search keywords clearly see the article but can not open, click on the article to find that the article is not the topic, stained news figures are overwhelmed with positive reports... The behind-the-scenes pusher of these strange things is the legendary network navy.

In recent days, police in Hubei and Fujian have uncovered the criminal cases of network navy gangs, and uncovered the methods and routines of illegal operation of network navy. Xinhua Perspective reporters found that the online navy clearly marked prices, through deletion, posting, some with hundreds of thousands of yuan can manipulate public opinion.

Tens of millions of dollars of major cases to expose the means of deleting and posting network navy

The Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau recently reported a case of illegal operation of a large network navy across eight provinces and cities supervised by the Ministry of Public Security. Jingzhou police arrested 13 people involved and initially found out more than 30 million yuan of funds involved. Fujian Putian police detected 215 incidents of hype about Internet public opinion and shut down 100 illegal websites.

According to the police, network navy mainly through paid deletion of Posts and malicious posting to make huge profits, they first discuss with customers how much unfavorable information needs to be deleted, how many websites to publish negative information, and then use the channel resources to delete or publish.

According to the reporters investigation, the online navy achieves the purpose of deleting posts by various means. First, delete it completely. These posts can not be searched by keywords, and the previous links can not be entered to open the web page. Second, shielding. The search engine snapshot is deleted. Although the content of the post still exists, it can not be searched by keywords. For example, the web page can be opened by inputting links directly. Third, replacement. Through technical means, some snapshots of search engines are changed, so that the title and content of relevant posts become completely irrelevant content, reducing the willingness of Internet users to click, so as to achieve the effect of similar shielding. In addition, some network navy publishes the clients positive posts, and uses traffic clicks, frequent forwarding and other means to make these content in the front page, so that the relevant negative information sinks and reduce the exposure rate of negative information.

Posting is another profit-making means of network navy. Police investigations have found that some companies employ cybernavy to mass release negative information about competitors for commercial competition. For example, in a case detected by Xiamen police, Shuijun publishes and promotes negative articles by using information, questions and answers, encyclopedia websites or small video software to help customers fight against competitors.

Hundreds of thousands of yuan manipulate public opinion, with a navy monthly commission of more than 70,000 yuan

Reporter survey found that the majority of employers of network navy are enterprises, in order to win in the fierce business competition, or to eliminate negative public opinion. Su Feng, a civilian policeman from the network of the Chengxiang Branch of Putian Public Security Bureau of Fujian Province, said that some enterprises had organized network navy in the process of participating in the bidding of government projects, and sent a large number of malicious attacks, resulting in the failure of competitors and the loss of more than one million yuan.

Most of these enterprises employ cyber navy through public relations companies. Jingzhou police have investigated four public relations companies involved in the case and arrested 11 suspects. These four companies are known as customers to provide online public opinion optimization services, hiring network navy to clean up the network information that is disadvantageous to customers in batches.

It is understood that the network navy generally charges hundreds of thousands of yuan for public opinion control over a period of time. In the cases investigated and dealt with in Jingzhou, sometimes a project charges more than 1 million yuan.

Shuijun will send a letter to the website in the name of the entrusted enterprise to complain about the falsity or infringement of the relevant posts. If it does not delete, it will bring a lawsuit. Some websites will delete the posts directly in order to reduce the trouble.

In addition, the navy will bribe webmasters, moderators, barkeepers and so on. Police said that some hospitals want to delete negative information on the Internet, such as only 100 yuan can cure the disease, spent hundreds of ineffective in this hospital and so on. The navy docking website administrator benefits deleted posts. Big websites usually charge 2,300 yuan for deleting one item, and small websites generally charge 4,500 yuan for deleting one item. The policeman said.

It is understood that the navy has made a lot of money. Some groups stipulate that members can get 25% of the monthly turnover of more than 100,000 yuan, and some members can get up to 70,000 yuan of the monthly commission.

In order to increase revenue, some network navy groups also build their own websites, and have the right to publish and delete information. The police said that Liu Mowei, the suspect, had the right to publish and delete information from 100 websites, such as Focus of China Today, Democratic Rule of Law Network, Chinese Rule of Law Network, Quality China Network, and so on, by means of self-building or helping others to build illegal websites.

From January to June 2018, Zhong Mouling, Zhao Mouling, Liu Mobing and others received orders at a price of 40 yuan to 50 yuan per post, and then commissioned Liu Mowei to post at a price of 20 yuan to 30 yuan per post. Only half a year later, this navy group made 215 hype incidents and published nearly 3000 paid posts, which had a serious impact on individuals, enterprises and the normal network order. Liu Mowei made more than 300,000 yuan from them.

Strengthen the whole chain governance and increase the intensity of crackdown and punishment

Many police officers said that because of the instantaneity of online deletion, deleted post links can not be opened, and even the ongoing deletion of posts is mostly second deletion, which makes the forensic work extremely difficult.

Many police officers such as Zhou Long and Su Feng believe that in order to maintain the normal order of the network, we must strengthen the whole chain governance. In addition to cracking down on the network navy, enterprises and individuals who maliciously employ the network navy to publish false information, as well as public relations companies and network administrators involved in it, should increase their efforts to crack down and punish.

Zhang Yiteng, a lawyer of Fujian Yingkun Law Firm, holds that if the fabrication and dissemination of false information by the network navy causes adverse effects and consequences, it is necessary to bear civil liability according to the Tort Liability Law and the Provisions of the Supreme Peoples Court on Several Questions Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Civil Disputes Concerning Personal Rights and Interests Infringed by the Information Network. Reimbursement of deleted information services, or knowing that it is false information, through the information network to provide paid publication of information and other services, can be punished in accordance with the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, to the extent stipulated in the Interpretation of Several Questions Concerning the Application of Law in Criminal Cases, such as the Use of Information Network for Defamation, according to the different circumstances and severity of the acts. It may constitute the crime of illegal business operation, the crime of provoking trouble, the crime of extortion and other criminal offences.

As the network navy mostly carries out operations across regions and networks, it objectively increases the difficulty of striking. Liu Junhai, Professor of Law School of Renmin University of China, and other experts suggested that market supervision, networking, public security and other departments should form a joint supervision force, establish a long-term supervision and cooperation mechanism, build a cross-sectoral and cross-regional information sharing mechanism, and form a seamless and organic joint cooperation mechanism to combat the cyber navy.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of Xinhua