Taiwanese media said the PLA fighter fleet flew around the platform on the 22nd, and the Taiwanese army said that the whole-range monitoring

 Taiwanese media said the PLA fighter fleet flew around the platform on the 22nd, and the Taiwanese army said that the whole-range monitoring

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Taiwan media quoted Taiwans Ministry of Defense on the 22nd, saying that many PLA fighter planes were winding the platform on the same day.

According to the report of Freedom Times and other Taiwan media on January 22, the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan said in the afternoon that the PLA transported 8 and Su 30 and other types of aircraft. In the afternoon, they flew to sea from the southern part of the mainland one after another, flying through the Bas Strait, sailing southeast to the Western Pacific Ocean for long-distance training activities, and then flew back to their places along the original route.

Data Photo of Yun 8 Transport Aircraft of PLA (Photo Source: Taiwanese Media)

Taiwans Ministry of National Defense also claimed that the PLAs military aircraft activities were monitored throughout the investigation, and dispatched aircraft, warship supervisors to grasp and deal with.

In reporting this news, the Taiwan Green Media Freedom Times said that the Ministry of Defense published information less detailed than the last time, and the PLA has not seen the bomber 6 in the type of aircraft around the platform.

In response to the PLAs circumvention of Taiwan, some intra-island netizens welcomed, Taiwan people should not become American slaves

Others praised the motherland for being strong_

Some people also satirize the Ministry of Defense

PLA fighter planes went to the Bas Strait for long-distance training last December. Taiwans Ministry of Defense said on the afternoon of December 8 last year that many PLA fighter planes, including Bombardment 6, and two warships conducted long-distance sea training through the Bus Strait. Taiwanese media reported at that time that the PLA Bomber 6 bomber had a hanging bomb.

Earlier, the PLA Bombardment 6 made its first night winding on May 25. In response, Ren Guoqiang, deputy director of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of Defense and spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, said that the PLA Air Force had recently launched a cruise around Taidao Island in order to improve its ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will continue to organize similar training in the future.

In addition, Shen Jinke, a spokesman for the PLA Air Force, once said that after the victory of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC, the Air Force aimed to enhance its ability to win in the new era, and carried out a series of ocean-going training, with the track of the fighter aircraft continually extended and the system ability becoming stronger and stronger; the Air Force carried out ocean-going training in accordance with relevant international law and practice, which is the mission of the Air Force. Where we live, where we are responsible, where we are responsible, where we are legitimate, reasonable and reasonable. We must fly farther and deeper as we have planned.

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