Vice Premier of Italy fired Decolonized Africa is not as good as France today and France became angry.

 Vice Premier of Italy fired Decolonized Africa is not as good as France today and France became angry.

Today many people (immigrants) come from Africa because countries like France never stop colonizing Africa in their minds! Without colonies in Africa, Frances economy would rank fifteenth in the world!

Di Mayo, who had sparked controversy over his public support for the French yellow vest protestors, seems to have really angered the French government this time. According to Agence France-Presse, the French government summoned the Italian ambassador on Monday to ask her to explain Di Mayos unacceptable and baseless statement.

Kodimayo was not in a hurry. Instead of denying that the incident had caused diplomatic incidents, he increased his voice and accused France of manipulating the currencies and economies of 14 African countries, while Europe must show courage to face the decolonization of Africa.

Agence France-Presse: French Indimayo Africa Review Meets the Italian Ambassador

Luigi DiMaio is the leader of the Italian populist Five-Star Movement. In last Marchs general election, the Five-Star Movement Party became the largest single party with nearly one-third of the votes.

On June 1 last year, the party formed a coalition government with the European skeptical Northern Movement, with two party leaders, Dimayo and Salvini, serving as vice premiers.

Compared with the previous left-wing government, the new Italian government has been at odds with France since taking office. On 10 June, the Italian Government ordered the denial of humanitarian refugee ships to all ports in the south of the country. French President Mark Long criticized the move as morbid and unacceptable.

Italian Vice Premier and Minister of Labor Di Mayo is also the leader of the Five-Star Movement: Visual China

At a rally in Abruzzo, central Italy, last Saturday (19 January), Dimayo said France was responsible for creating poverty in Africa and leading to large-scale immigration into Europe.

It would be hypocritical if we only talked about the results without finding a reason. Today we have immigrants from Africa, precisely because countries like Europe, especially France, have never stopped colonizing Africa in their minds.

If France hadnt colonized Africa, they would have called it that way, Dimayo added. Frances economy would have ranked fifteenth in the world. Now France is in the top places (IMF 2017, France surpasses Britain, ranking fifth in the world - Observer Notes), because of what it does in Africa.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) ranks the worlds GDP in 2017, with France surpassing Britain in fifth place.

French diplomats told Reuters that this is not the first time the Italian authorities have made unacceptable and aggressive statements.

Two weeks ago (7 January), Dimayo and Salvigny publicly supported French yellow vest protestors. Dimayo criticized the Macron government for protecting the interests of the elite and privileged class and failing to live up to peoples expectations, suggested that the protestors form political parties like the Five-Star Movement, and said that a new Europe is emerging.


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Even if it was already interference in internal affairs, the remarks did not provoke a drastic response from France. Nathalie Loiseau, the French Minister for European affairs, responded only on Twitter. France did not want to give Italy a lesson, so they should take care of their own affairs.

French Minister for European Affairs Lovasseau advised Italy to sweep the snow by themselves

But this time, the French government seems to be really angry.

According to a government source quoted by Agence France Presse on the 21st, the chief of staff of Luvasso met with Italian Ambassador to France Teresa Castaldo on Monday and asked the latter to explain Di Mayos unacceptable and baseless comments.

In diplomatic practice, it is not common for a countrys leaders to call their ambassadors abroad because of their speeches.

But Dimayo apparently didnt take it seriously. Later Monday, he responded, refuting the claim that the incident caused diplomatic incidents between Italy and France, and continuing to criticize French policy in Africa, suggesting that it used the CFAfanc to manipulate the African economy.

African francs have been issued since the French colonial period and are still circulating in 14 West and Central African countries. Frances Ministry of Finance guarantees it to be bound to the euro at a fixed exchange rate.

Fourteen national sources that still use AFF: The Economist

Fourteen countries in Africa use French and other currencies, which hinders their economic development and indirectly leads to refugees leaving and dying on their way to our shores, Dimayo said in response.

If Europe has the courage, it should have the courage to face the problem of decolonization in Africa.

In November 2017, French President Mark Long, speaking in Burkina Faso, said that the future of the African Franc should be decided by the African people.

His original words were: If they (African countries) want to change the name of the currency, I totally agree. If they are willing to accept the regional turmoil caused by currency exchange, they certainly have the power to decide, but I have no objection to it.

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