Changing Chinese into Mathematics! Training Institutions Make Mistakes and Students Mistake Examination Opportunities

 Changing Chinese into Mathematics! Training Institutions Make Mistakes and Students Mistake Examination Opportunities

New Express News clearly wanted to test Chinese, but was forced to test math? Training institutions will not compensate candidates after they missed the exam subjects, but also asked them to postpone the March exam to November. Recently, Miss Li from Zhaoqing has encountered this annoyance. She told the New Express that after she signed up for the training of the National Teacher Qualification Certificate Examination at Guangzhou Meizhen Education Service Center (hereinafter referred to as Meizhen), the registration items that should have been provided by the teachers of training institutions with one-stop service were repeatedly mistaken, which resulted in the failure of the three written examination subjects that could have been completed once in March this year, thus delaying the time of obtaining the certificate. At present, the relevant agencies can not be contacted. Lawyers said that according to the agreement signed between training institutions and consumers, the former should be refunded in full.

Consumers: Training institutions only agree to refund registration fees

Ms. Li told Xin Express that on September 7, 2018, she enrolled in the training course of Enchanted TeachersQualification Certificate, which charged 1,580 yuan, including online course training and related teaching materials.

On January 15 this year, Meizhens teacher registered for her Teachers Qualification Certificate Examination in March this year, but there were many mistakes in the registration process. The registration that could have been completed at one time was done three times, and finally there was a mistake. Miss Li said that for the first time, she failed to pass the examination because her photos were not qualified. For the second time, the other party filled in her senior language examination subjects as primary language. For the third time, the other party filled in her senior language to be applied for examination as advanced mathematics. After filling in the third time, she found a mistake and reminded Meizhens teacher within one minute, but the other party did not change it in time. Then the registration system passed and could not be changed any more, which made her unable to complete the three exam subjects she wanted to complete on time.

After filling in the wrong information, Meizhens teacher did not give me a timely explanation, but let me take the exam again in November. Im about to face job hunting. If the teachers qualification certificate is not completed in time, it will be affected. Miss Li said angrily.

Miss Li also said that she registered with the online course account of the training institute, but did not watch the relevant courses, so she asked the Training Institute for a full refund, but many times failed to negotiate with the training institute. Teachers who made mistakes in registration only agreed to refund 210 yuan for examination registration fee, and other staff members ignored me.

According to the National Teachers Certificate Examination and Training Service Agreement provided by Miss Li, Article 3 of the agreement stipulates that Party B shall be compensated for direct losses (not including indirect and invisible losses) caused by Party As fault, but the total amount of compensation shall not be higher than the cost of this agreement in accordance with the current laws and regulations of our country.

Customer Service Telephone Calls Cant Get through Closed Gates of Related Institutions

On January 22, Xinfa reporters arrived at Sunshine Star City Building, No. 18 Dayuan North Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou at 13:00, 14:00 and 15:30 respectively. There was no Guangzhou Meizhen Education Service Center in the company guide board of the lobby. Up to the third floor, the door of Room 310 Guangzhou Meizhen Education Consulting Co., Ltd was closed, and there were no lights or people in the room. In addition, the reporter repeatedly dialed the customer service telephone of the organization, all showing shutdown. The staff of the company next door to Guangzhou Meizhen Education Service Center told reporters that they had not seen Meizhen open for several days. When the reporter asked the cleaning staff of Sunshine Star City Building, she also said that she hadnt seen Room 310 open for several days.

On January 21, Miss Li called 12345 to complain to the Consumer Committee. The other party responded that she had learned about the refund problem of the training institutions reflected by Miss Li and would transfer it to the relevant departments as soon as possible.

Yang Juan, a lawyer at Shengbang Law Firm of Guangzhou Legal System, told Xinfa News that, according to the contract law, if one party fails to perform its contractual obligations or fails to fulfill its contractual obligations and causes losses to the other party, the amount of compensation for losses should be equivalent to the losses caused by the breach of contract, including the benefits that can be obtained after the performance of the contract, but should not exceed what the breaching party foresaw when concluding the contract or when the breaching party The person shall foresee the possible losses caused by the breach of the contract. According to the agreement signed between Meizhen and Miss Li, Party A (Meizhen) shall compensate Party B (Miss Li) for the direct loss, with the agreed training cost as the upper limit. Therefore, Miss Li has the right to request a full refund from Meizhen.

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