22-year-old grandson hugged Grandma and hurried home for the New Year: I dont look like your backer

 22-year-old grandson hugged Grandma and hurried home for the New Year: I dont look like your backer

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The 22-year-old grandson rushed home with his grandmother in his arms for the Spring Festival. The scene was tearful. (Source: Netease)

At 7:35 p.m. on January 20, D1707 from Guiyang to Xian stopped at platform 4 of Nanchong North Railway Station.

A sturdy lad with a backpack hugged an old granny behind him and stepped out of the motor vehicle. Old, young and old, they are in step, slowly staggering forward.

Out platform, down ladder, through tunnel, up escalator... The dark-skinned boy always smiled, constantly reminding Grandma to pay attention to her feet, occasionally holding her away from dangerous places. In the cold night, the flow of people gradually dispersed, the picture of two people embracing each other and moving forward warmly.

Sun Tzu is Grandmas backing

The young man is Nie Bing, a 22-year-old man from southern Sichuan. He was holding his grandmother, who was almost 80 years old. Nie Bing said that when he was young, his parents divorced and his mother had never seen him since she left home. Fortunately, his grandmother still had pain. Just after reaching the age of 16, Nie Bing went out to work everywhere. After Grandpas death, his father took his grandmother with him when he went out to work, so that he could take care of her at any time.

Two years ago, my father died, and my grandmother accidentally fell, causing her hands to be unable to straighten and walking with difficulty. Nie Bing and his aunt shared the burden of caring for Grandma.

Last year, Nie Bing went to Guiyang to work and received his grandmother. As the Spring Festival approached, Grandma wanted to return to her hometown 600 kilometers away for the Spring Festival. Nie Bing bought a ticket to go home early, and besides taking a bus, he hugged Grandma like this all the way home.

Nie Bing wanted to carry her grandmother on her back. Grandma refused to let her go and refused to buy a wheelchair. Grandma not only loves her grandsons hard work, but also feels that she can move. She has to save money for her grandson to marry.

In addition, Grandma still owes, Nie Bing has no girlfriend. Grandma suddenly blamed herself for thinking that her poor health was a drag on her grandson. Nie Bing urged Grandma not to think carelessly, Arent there any other aunts and me? I hold you like this. Its not like your backing hill? Grandma struggled to wipe her tears, saying that she knew her grandson had always been filial.

Source: Cover News Author: Liable Editor of Wang Yugui and Li Xinggang: Liu Xiaowu_NN4113