Taiwanese veteran artist slapped the minister in public: hitting her just happened

 Taiwanese veteran artist slapped the minister in public: hitting her just happened

Zheng Lijun was suddenly shocked by the fan.

According to Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic News, Zheng Lijun, Taiwans Minister of Culture, was slapped by veteran artist Zheng Huizhong during a table-by-table toast at the Chinese New Year dinner for Chinese TV entertainers. When Zheng Huizhong was interviewed, he condemned that Zheng Lijun had pushed for Jianghua. He did not know how to be grateful. It was just right to hit her. Zheng Lijun was astonished on the spot and later retorted on Facebook that personal humiliation is small and Taiwans democracy can not be harmed.

A slap of the palm is very crisp.

According to reports, Cai Yingwen watched the palm film and immediately called Zheng Lijun, and wrote that the position can be dialogue, violence should not be tolerated. Legislative President Su Jiaquan and others also sent condolences. Democratic Progressive Party legislators have jumped to condemn. While netizens in the island turned up Ma Ying-jeous words and deeds when the leader lost his shoes, the DPP Kings greening camp said: Anyone who praises Ma Ying-jeou for losing his shoes is not qualified to condemn Zheng Lijun for clapping his hands.

According to the inventory, when Ma Ying-jeou was lost his shoes in the past, Su Zhengchang, king of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), said, People are not encouraged to lose their shoes, but this is an indicator. Xie Changting first said that the protest would intensify the opposition and should not, but also said that the crude act was a cause and effect. At that time, Xie Changting also said that Taiwans politics was like the Buddhist doctrine of cause and effect. What happened to other political parties in the past, if there was no sympathy, would soon happen to their own political parties.

Ma Ying-jeou was attacked by green camp people when he attended the event in 2012. At that time, Cai Yingjiu went to Kaidalan Avenue to visit Chomas Green Camp Group, and pointed out that Ma Yingjiu should be more tolerant when he asked others to be tolerant. After all, he was a leader. Huang Weizhe, a member of the Green Committee, once told Ma Ying-jeou that he should show his leaderships height and be tolerant and graceful as long as it does not endanger the security of the country. Its just right to be choked and lost shoes! Huang Weizhe, a member of the Green Committee, told Ma Ying-jeou.

The attitudes of the Green Camp politicians towards the attacks on politicians vary greatly. It is interesting that the judgments of the island courts on the loss of shoes by the two blue and green leaders are also quite different. During Ma Ying-jius term of office, many times the protestors lost their shoes because of participating in the activities, and the court acquitted the protestors or ruled that they were not punished. However, in 2017, the anti-year reform group launched a campaign of pulling out vegetables for all to protest against Cai Ying-jeou. While Cai attended the graduation ceremony of the military academy, six members tried to block Cai Ying-jeous motorcadet and lost their shoes, but they were sent by the police. The Shilin Landmark Court decided that Cai Six people were fined NT$1000 each.

In addition, todays slap made the word Zheng Huizhong instantly famous in the island. Who is Zheng Huizhong? Taiwanese media reported that Zheng Huizhong had a bumpy journey. More than 30 years ago, she became a contracted singer of CITIC under the name of Zheng Xinyi, singing in every hotel every day. She has a small reputation in the circle with a hot figure. Unexpectedly, there was a serious car accident. When she woke up, she found that her lower body was unconscious and she could not continue singing in front of the curtain. After active rehabilitation, Zheng Huizhong finally could walk without a wheelchair, but with crutches. She turned to the fire department to help after the accident, and recommended black artists such as Chen Jianzhou as fire ambassadors. Her devotion to public welfare also gave her the reputation of female Volunteer Police singer.

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