My son was abducted at the age of 5 and his mother was crying blindly for 34 years before the family finally reunited.

 My son was abducted at the age of 5 and his mother was crying blindly for 34 years before the family finally reunited.

But the Chinese attachment to their family has been deeply integrated into their blood and has become an unshakable belief and persistence.

On August 25, 1985, five-year-old Liu Bing suddenly disappeared. Since then, Li Tianhua and her husband Liu Guangshu in Sanshui Town of Guanghan City have embarked on a difficult road to find their children. They never give up. They have missed Li Tianhua for too long. Li Tianhua, 64-year-old mother, has lost her sight. With the help of volunteers such as public security organs and babies returning home, Liu Bing found it. The 24th will be Liu Bings birthday. On the day before his birthday, Liu Bing will return to his home after 34 yearsabsence.

_Photos of Liu Bing before his disappearance

19 tables for a banquet

Wait until you get home to celebrate your 39th birthday

On January 22, in Guangming Village, Sanshui Town, Guangming Village, Guanghan City, 11 groups of old Lius house, the blind hostess Li Tianhua wore a red coat, holding a picture of her son tightly in both hands, looking out to the dirt road outside the gate. She cant see anything, but she knows that her son Liu Bing will return home from this road on the 23rd. In her mind, it will always be the way his son Liu Bing looked when he was a child.

Family waiting for Liu Bing to go home

I cant forget it all my life, but unfortunately I cant see the soldiers as they are now. Li Tianhua was happy but somewhat disappointed. Mom, when my brother comes back, you can touch him with your hand. Liu Jiao, the daughter of one side, said comfortably.

On the doors and balloons of the courtyard, Liu Jiaos eldest daughter Liu Shuang wrote a tender handwriting, Uncle Welcome home! Happy New Year, Happy Birthday! In the farmyard, they cleaned and arranged balloons. The Liu family also invited cooks. In order to meet Liu Bing, relatives from all sides arrived early. Everyone smiled and the old Liu family became lively. All relatives and friends have invited 19 tables altogether. Liu Jiao introduced that the reunion was of great significance. First, 34 years after leaving home, his brother found it; second, the family could finally have a reunion dinner; third, 24 (the nineteenth lunar month) was Liu Bings 39th birthday. According to local customs, his birthday would be celebrated one day before his birthday. One of the spacious rooms in the courtyard was specially carefully arranged.

This is a room reserved exclusively for soldiers. It was paved the other day and will finally be able to see him tomorrow morning. Liu Guangshu, a 65-year-old father, said with a smile that the family had waited for 34 years on that day. In addition, the family also prepared sausage and bacon, These are his childhood favorite food!

Waited 34 years.

Family Counts Down the Hours of Family Reunion

Liu Guangshu introduced that his son was taken away on August 25, 1985. He was playing at the door of his home, waiting for lunch, but he did not show up. Liu Guangshu always remembers the day when his son disappeared. He described his sons characteristics, with a head spinning, a black birthmark behind his left ear, big eyes, small mouth, melon face, pointed chin. When I was young, I took an airplane and we were near the courtyard. At that time, I spent five yuan to fly around the sky.

After the disappearance of his son Liu Bing, Li Tianhua and his husband Liu Guangshu embarked on a difficult road to find their children, and also went to the local police station to report the case. For many years, Liu Guangshu and his wife were searching for their son. Mothers often walk to find dolls. Their left foot was injured and their limbs were amputated. If you want to cry for a baby, your eyes will be blind.

The second year after Liu Bings disappearance, Liu Guangshu and his wife gave birth to their daughter Liu Jiao.

After the soldiers disappeared, there was no news. His grandmother was so angry that she once threw everything away. There were only three black and white photos of him as a child. Liu Guangshu said. A few years ago, Liu Bings grandmother died with regret. Later, the only thing about Liu Bing at home was a few yellowish black and white photos.

_Photos of Liu Bing before his disappearance

From memory, Liu Jiao often heard elders talk about her brother, but she never saw her brother Liu Bing. The only thing she saw was the picture of her brother as a child.

Brother, well wait for you to come back. Liu Bings sister, Liu Jiao, said that although she had never seen her brother, she had been looking for him with her parents since childhood. Her brother was about to return home, and she couldnt help crying. A week ago, when my brother found out the news, the whole family was so excited that they could hardly sleep.

Speaking of missing his family, Liu Bing burst into tears.

Before the meeting, Li Tianhua, who was blind, held a picture of her son and counted down the times when she was with him. She had too much to say to her son.

On the morning of the 23rd, Red Star journalists will witness and broadcast the reunion live.

Source: Liable Editor of Chengdu Business Daily: Liu Xiaowu_NN4113